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My living doll, made to order
She is perfection in a girl
She’s no ordinary kind
is my own genuine living doll

I apologize, I'll cw this stuff. This stuff just blows my mind, and I got carried away. No offense intended to anyone's religious beliefs.

omfg YouTube advertising has officially become a circus.

A thirty minute ad of an evangelical warning me that the Antichrist is here.

It's "Nuclear War Jesus"

Now there's an ad on YouTube about educating people what a "core" is in Chinese government.

I'm all for learning and all, and I'm not saying the commercial has any ill intent, but it makes me wonder if something is coming up the pipeline very soon.

Okay, YouTube, is a fifty-three minute advertisement really necessary?


I hate talking about politics but it's gotten to the point in the world where it's unavoidable and even dangerous to allow these two sides to control the narrative, for their own silly, egotistical nonsense.

The world doesn't fall into convenient binaries, no matter how loud you try to drown it out otherwise.

I'd say to them "it's time to fucking adult assholes" but they seem too far gone now.


Well, folks, it seems like us common folk are stuck in the middle of a preschool cat fight that's been going on since the days of ancient Rome and Persia, if not longer.

Some stupid, childish holy war, where both sides want to be the dictator.

If you don't duck step with either one, apparently you're more evil than the other in their eyes.

And if you're not the right race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Gods help you. Because neither side wants anything to do with you.

The media, pol 

We really need to start supporting more independent news groups and stop enabling this news aggregating, preschool flame bait that places like CNN and Fox News put out

Here's a thought, it was exactly 710 years ago, on Friday the 13th, 1307, Philip IV of France arrested a ton of Knights Templar.

Not entirely sure if is is the source of the superstition, but it has been suggested.

Wow RT used to be more subtle about the propaganda, now it's just overt.

Guess propoganda's on all sides now. Glad to be here where I can at least see ppl with their own opinions

Does anyone know of a masto client for Windows that doesn't require Win10, or related to MS? Maybe for Win7?

Wow, nice to see the feed's abuzz. Welcome to Masto, newcomers ^^

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, props to Cory Feldman for speaking out on this matter. It takes a lot of guts to call out powerful people like that.

It seems the world is polarizing to a degree similar to just before a world war. All that's needed now is a match, and it's official.

Wow it seems like Trump has destroyed US-International relations almost literally overnight.

A more effective idea for may be to dedicate a day to flag posts that are sexually abusive towards women, that would definitely send Twitter a message

Are there actual Masto clients for PC or just the web interface?

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