NSFW - Story 


Owner inspects their toy, running their eyes along poppet's chassis.

"You like this shit?" poppet asks. "You wanna play with it?"

Poppet playfully hops into owners lap and places a gentle finger on Owner's lips.

"Ya wanna try something kinky?"

"Gimmie five minutes, and meet me in the tunnels out back. I promise, it's gonna make your head spin."

Finally, playtime.

NSFW - Story 


Owner finds poppets body, carefully posed, limp against the tunnel wall, it's body glistening from the fresh water of the reservoir.

it's head unit detached, placed on a nearby cinder block, it's aviators still on. Both, a gift of love to Owner.

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NSFW - Story 


Owner picks up the head unit and inspects it. Motionless, mindless, yet still sentient.

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NSFW - Story 


Owner removes aviators, facial tensors have been frozen in a soft, loving expression, revealing the true nature of poppet.

The petite, rebellious skater-girl, is nothing more than a toy for Owner. A mindless, yielding cock-puppet, who feels it all.

This body, that could easily be poppin' ollies and 360 flips, can do nothing more than to have it's legs spread and be violated now.

And experiencing all of it, poppet is truly in bliss.

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