NSFW - Story

Poppet sits at the old abandoned tunnels at the freshwater reservoir, waiting for Owner to arrive for roleplay.

Owner arrives, asks "Hey there..." Poppet's programming kicks in, a tomboyish tilt of the hips, disenfranchised tone and mannerisms.

Poppet's pouty, pink lips move, absent of any will, words simply speak themselves. Every micro-expression calculated by algorithms. "Hey."

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NSFW - Story

Owner: "What's up?"

"Eh, not much. Just hangin' out, you?" poppet scripts, dressed carefully per owner specifications.

Poppet loves the feel of latex caressing it's legs, the way the corset presses against it's ample bosom, the air sweeping through it's hair.

Poppet loves being animated, helpless, beyond it's control, free of will. Playing a role, where all it can do is comply.

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NSFW - Story 

An irony, this poppet, devoid of sapience, playing the part of a sassy skateboarder full of it. A delicious irony, indeed.

Playing this role only makes the eventual proposition of being used, violated, a yielding cock-puppet for Owner, all the more sweet.

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