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Neural connection established. Now proceeding with stream of nonsense o.O

clueless casual ableism 

"do you work?"

"no, i'm disabled"

"ok but how hard have you looked?"

"for what?"

"a job"

"i am unable to work"

"how do you know that?"

"various doctors have declared me unable to work and i have tried to work repeatedly even since this happened, only to end up disappointing people and making life more difficult for them"

"ok but have you tried working?"

Brilliant but political idea 

A troll farm paid to painfully and humorously call out pidgeons, attempting to play chess on birdsite, with witty, intellegent and insightful posts, designed to enlighten and entertain readers. No sides taken, everyone is fair game. Everyone.


"Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another." -- Carl Sagan, "Cosmos"

Remember to tip your instance admins. Moderating online communities is a full time job that not everyone can get right.

Most times, donations barely cover server costs.

And, if you see another instance's admin who does a great job, tip them, too.

cissexism, trans antagonism 

Cis privilege is being able to see the lives of trans people as a topic of debate or an intellectual exercise.

Cis privilege is being able to choose which side of "the trans debate" you want to be on, and to change sides after you have a negative experience with one or more of us.

Cis privilege is being able to look at trans rights as optional/inessential/"boutique issues".

Hello again. For all concerned i am doing okay. Needed to go to a behavioral health place for a while. After that i stayed at a homeless shelter for a few days. The staff and other folks there were super awesome. I met a lot of cool people there. Real people. They found me transitional housing so im on my way to getting back on my geet again. The wifi here is kinda flakey but i am grateful for it. Been shown so much caring and compassion i am beside myself.

I am taking an indefinite hiatus from Masto. Health issues got so bad I have no place to stay anymore. I'm gonna go to the hospital, see if I can get taken in. If they don't I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I have no place to go.

Politics, gender issues 

One side thinks I'm an abomination of God, the other, a Reptillian agent.

Why is it I can't stand mainstream politics again?

The interwebs is a giant pigeon chess competition.

I think when Crowley Summoned Aiwass to create a grand network of communication where all porn is available simultaneously, Aiwass demanded tribute in the form of drama and trolling. That's how they power the interwebs. True story o.O

It only took me a few minutes to realize why I don't use IRC anymore >.<

IRC rant 

can someone please tell me why it's so important to have a nut job chanop in every IRC channel, is it like unwritten law or something?

I wonder what an open-source education system would look like

Has anyone had a moment where they physically unplug their comp from the net and they're still connected somehow? o.O

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