Discussion: Cancel Culture and Why it is Essential 

Let us discuss Cancel Culture and while it has problems it serves a purpose. The idea is for left-wing people to police our ideology and avoid genuine bad actors - bad actors meaning people who claim to be left-wing but are rapists, serial harassers, racist or more.

The idea is not perfect since many leftists also forget many of us support the idea of rehabilitation of people. Of course, there is the point we can't hope to rehabilitate anyone. The problem comes in when we end up with the situation that Twitter and Social Media in general lead too. Victims are not allowed to speak up often, but there is often a reason for this. Lack of spoons or such makes handling bad actors tricky.

At least left-wing actually tries to vet bad actors in our ideology, whereas Right-Wing will only address it when it is convenient. People may argue it is extreme, but the choice is to do nothing and be hypocrites and never educate or improve people or address it now and actually improve the ideology.

If anyone has a problem with vetting your ideology in this day and age, they clearly not seen corrupting spread of Fascism and how quickly it can become part of people's lives via social media and youtube. The pipeline does exist if we did nothing the Overton Window continues to shift and sooner or later even the most determined person will begin to slip.



Discussion: Cancel Culture and Why it is Essential 

I almost became neo nazi before I came out, they exploit your mental health and make you believe the world is against you. I wish I could say it was not easy, but it is horrifyingly easy.

Until the Pipeline is shutdown, vetting our ideology is the only option we got.

Now I will confess sometimes cancel culture is bad, but nothing is perfect and the alternative far worse.


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