Rant-Cancelling, Second Chances, My Girlfriend Pyretta and Abuse 

Let's discuss my girlfriend, because frankly long thought about this and yeah she deserves, no she is entitled to another chance from all of you who will give her one.

So many of you label her serial abuser, but let me spell this out for you. She literally could be worse, you know what she daily goes through. Her parents practice DARVO she is literally isolated from people. Her parents practice manipulation, deception, think Mother Gothel from Rapunzel and yes that only touches on it. They withhold information from her, including Birth Certificate, National Insurance Number.

They isolate her from anyone not them, like they have now decided that I am abusive, because she got more 'uppity' after spending holiday with me. They have done it with her exes.

They basically coerced her when she ran away and was caught at 18 to sign away powers of the attorney. They threaten to kick her out if she even stands up to them, or section her.

If this is sounding like a twisted version of Cinderella and Rapunzel you are fucking right. Now, let's discuss when she had a fucking breakdown as well as having a stroke because of T-Blockers, she does not remember what she does, but you still hold her to it. Acting like 'Leopards can't change their spots' which is gaslighty as fuck.

In short, she deserves forgiveness and all your receipts mean nothing, because I frankly know her better than any of you.

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Rant-Cancelling, Second Chances, My Girlfriend Pyretta and Abuse 

Wanna know fun thing I can fucking write more --- they don't even acknowledge she is Trans, they have idea of her and they have decided that is her. Think Porcelain Doll. Basically while all this is going on they refuse even accept she is a girl.

Or how about they will make promises but then break them on a whim basically meaning anything they say can't be trusted. Or how about the fact they are Liberal shits who won't accept any disagreement and will call her unreasonable.

I've had to bring her back from brink multiple times because often when she breaks down death seems only freedom to her. Trapped in Mental Health Bureaucracy and by legal situation.

Imagine having to plead your girlfriend, not beg, fucking plead she will win even when you are not sure. Imagine having to do this and knowing there who people who never even knew her but scream receipts as if it means anything. NO, I FUCKING KNOW HER BETTER THAN ANY OF YOU. I MET HER, I BEEN WITH HER AND MOST OF ALL I SEEN HOW SHE IS AS A PERSON.

She's made mistakes, but so have I, and yet I am forgiven, whereas she is constantly crucified despite the fact her family situation gives her suicidal ideations and she feels utterly helpless.

She has told me how I keep her going. But she is not broken, don't mistake me, she is stronger than she thinks. Her parents are monsters for everything they do.

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Rant-Cancelling, Second Chances, My Girlfriend Pyretta and Abuse 

My situation is bad don't get me wrong, but hers is hellish and here I am someone who identifies as a Paladin and Bard and how the fuck can I ignore her? How the fuck can I abandon someone?

This is what you are all acting like --- is it right to isolate someone you know as suicidal ideation? Little thought for you, also if we believe people can't change six months from now, then I have sucky news for all Trans Girls.

I FUCKING ADORE STATUS QUO MENTALLY, but here I am accepting people can change. Whereas actual abusers and rapists/harassers giving much more forgiveness. HOW IS THAT FUCKING JUSTIFIED?

You know why I hesitated so long on saying anything. I truly despise confrontation, like a fuck ton and yet here I am extolling her virtues while you cling to history - history from your point of view FYI which is entirely subjective.

And it's worse she can't even remember it because of her stroke, so you hold on to something that no longer exists. Your mythical cities of Atlantis never existed, they were built on lies.

So, sure cancel me, that is your solution to everything. Cancel me from the fucking stratosphere or you could I don't know give her another chance, who knows you may even find what most people say is bullshit.

Also reiterate everything you claim is wrong because I know her better than anyone on here. AND I MEAN ANYONE.

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Rant-Cancelling, Second Chances, My Girlfriend Pyretta and Abuse 

Finally let us discuss the so-called receipts you cling too. She had a BPD Breakdown --- isn't clinging to that pretty much akin to recording an Autistic person having an meltdown then laughing about it? If not, how? Because to me that is what it exactly seems like, you recorded her at her worse and claimed it is status quo?

I've have meltdowns does that mean society should record everything I did? Or when I had a nervous breakdown? If recording someone having a BPD breakdown is acceptable to you, where do you draw the line? Or how about when that Trans Women was recorded in Gamestop, she certainly was having bad day?

You may call this all disingenuous, but here I am asking why you keep records of my girlfriend breakdowns and hold them over her while decrying all this activity with vehemence?

Are you hypocrites? I am sincerely asking do you honestly believe she deserves to have her life under the microscope and you don't? She made mistakes, but you know what she improved, you have clung to ideas that Capitalism encourages to divide us.

I guess I should warn everyone if they have breakdowns to not expect any support or kindness from any of you?

Am I wrong? Am I wrong to find you all a bunch of sanctimonious self-righteous hypocrites?

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Rant-Cancelling, Second Chances, My Girlfriend Pyretta and Abuse 

And you have the nerve to call out the Paparazzi and imply they are parasites when what you are doing is a lot worse. You are isolating a person who needs help because your own egos can't comprehend such complex ideas like people can change and sometimes people become better.

Instead you cling bitterly to your receipts and act like you know better. You know who knows better, people like me, people who stood by her.

You know she actually forgave me, because I made a mistake months ago in my exuberance. And she was not in best head space, but ever since meeting her, I've been happier.

The Mastadon Paparazzi are never appeased and except literal blood from everyone if they ever said something wrong. Or did something wrong, like anything. There is of course unforgivable shit, but she only had breakdowns and you held those up as your compass.

In short you do what her parents do, you have a simulcre of her, a model, but never the real Pyretta. At least her parents are consistent shits, most of you decry this very behavior from abusers and yet perform it yourself

Holding up meltdowns as example of bad actors shows you are ableist hypocrites. And if you want so badly to be the Paparazzi then evidently you are only a leftist in your mind. A pretender a mockery of intersectionality. Shameful display and frankly I find it abhorrent you act so high and mighty. PLEASE MASTADON CAN I NOT BE CANCELLED, TWATS.

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Rant-Cancelling, Second Chances, My Girlfriend Pyretta and Abuse 

@PaladinQuinn I never had any idea about that context, thanks for sharing. 💚

Prolly waltzing into the line of fire with this, but whatever, here goes.

Honestly, she's human, she makes mistakes, I get that. I can get why people she's attacked during her meltdowns don't like her much, but she's always been pretty pleasant to me, it's always bothered me folks are so hard on her...

Regardless, dw, I'm still following you both. 💚

Rant-Cancelling, Second Chances, My Girlfriend Pyretta and Abuse 

@PaladinQuinn I will add my own two cents to the end of this: I'm not expecting forgiveness from anyone who's been on the nasty end of one of my meltdowns. I just want understanding that those were meltdowns and there's more context to it than most are aware of.

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