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My new complete INTRO

I am combining some pinned posts into this, since character limit higher.

I am a Scottish Transgender aged 28, Autistic and living in Glasgow, I am on HRT and I am a massive slut.

I am often NSFW and definitely love flirting and flaunting myself. Although I identify as Transbian I am actually bi just most men scare me.

I am also a massive nerd/geek, love Media in general and love discussions. I also am friendly and love meeting new people and discussing random stuff related to geek culture or pop culture. I am also interested in politics and am progressive and left-wing.

Oh I also discuss my Transition extensively on here and boost my posts because I love different opinions. I am constantly becoming the girl I truly am politics wise and identity wise.

I am polyamorous and currently in a relationship with my amazing @Pyretta aka Ember. And almost on four months HRT

Due to my Autism is people get angry at me without explaining or being detailed I end up in anxiety/anxious state.

I want to understand I want to not hurt anyone, so if I ever do then more likely it was a mistake and not malicious. I ask before getting angry you try make me understand. I am open minded and know I have a lot to learn.

If I accidentally misgender someone or anyone on here. It is never intentional and I promise it is merely a faux pas. If I do just DM me to delete or edit it and I shall rectify it ASAP.


(Boosts welcome)


Explaining the whole Switch Thing and BDSM Tag 

Oh and for those who ask I put Lil Ginger Kitten for reference I am part Submissive I am a switch in reality, so I have two personalities. The Sexy Tigeress and Lil Ginger Kitten basically nothing to do with DDLG or anything else. In reality while a sexual thing it is more a Furry personality thing and actually plan to have them both drawn.

I am a Rape Victim not mention child rape victim of course would not support any of that. So please stop reporting me.

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