@PaladinQuinn same with free newspapers that end up as break room and coffee shop copy. it's usually the most ring-wing tabloid piece of garbage, with more ads and sports than "news".

OCR Output 

OCR Output 


@PaladinQuinn no worries! it's far from perfect but it helps people which is nice

@PaladinQuinn The right wing "news" sources honestly probably do this on purpose to get more readers.

@ALWETP @PaladinQuinn They have certain corporate sponsors that make sure they get paid. Any outlets that aren't 100% propaganda mill have to find other ways of getting paid.

@slightlyflightyone @PaladinQuinn Yuuuuuup. And the only thing those powerful backers care about is that they get the propaganda out to as many people as possible.

@PaladinQuinn Protip: usually the free articles counter resets when you clear your cookies and/or local storage.

But no one should know that, of course.

@Juju @PaladinQuinn or just open the page in incognito mode (or your browsers version of that).

@PaladinQuinn All one has to do is open the article in a new incognito tab tho

@PaladinQuinn It's also worth noting WHY that is. Good journalism (investigating, finding out the truth) takes a lot more effort (i.e. cost, money) than just repeating propaganda. And of course, having backers (e.g. Muroch) who are willing to subsidize distributing propaganda keeps things cheap.

It's no wonder that outlets that actually try to do quality journalism are more expensive.

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