Some great advice especially for those in Academia <3.

OCR Output 

F) Dr. Holly Witteman

<i @hwitteman

That $35 that scientific journals
charge you to read a paper goes
100% to the publisher, 0% to the
authors. If you just email us to
ask for our papers, we are allowed
to send them to you for free, and
we will be genuinely delighted

to do so.

Louie @ @Mantia

What's something that seems obvious within
your profession, but the general public seems
to misunderstand?

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6:46 PM - 05 Jul 18


I've gotten some great info on wild Geckos before by just asking. These guys get super excited to know that a random dude in Texas is excited to read about what types of fruit a Gecko on the other side of the planet likes to eat lol

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