I recommend everyone block this instance they are racist, Nazis, homophobes, sexist, transphobic and worse. Get your Instance owner to block it to hell.

@killeveryhetero @codeawayhaley can't block the instance unless I I find one of them and would rather not.

@codeawayhaley @PaladinQuinn The pl subdomain? That was from when the bastards switched to Pleroma some months ago (they were originally using gnu social)

@Jo @codeawayhaley okay this is beyond my ken but looks like it is getting addressed so won't see any more of those transphobic and generally hateful twats.

@PaladinQuinn There are a lot of really good people that instance I enjoy interacting with. I haven't seen the discrimination you're describing. Maybe you should block individual people if don't like reading their posts, and recommend other people do the same instead of blocking and entire instance.

@djsumdog the ones I saw were transphobic, racist, edgy and downright hateful... Any good people on that instance would be wise to leave it.

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