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live from a hotel room, it's me recording this post for a friend (much, much eye contact)

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@envgen my roommate recently discovered her love for synth pop, so i recommended her to listen to Powederpaint and Envelope Generator

a thing i've learned while studying photography is that there's a difference between liking a photograph and liking what's in it.

toast examining the room from her new vantage point beside the great satan and below the furbys.

here it is:
:heart_trans: how to change your name and gender marker on a uk passport :heart_nb:

it's been 6 months since i did this but this is as clear as i can manage. it's not anywhere near as hard as i thought. if i have to redraft i'll do it under this post. ok let's go

Olli Wiegner - December 2016

outtake from Take a Walk With Me

P McG is actually sitting on me which she pretty much never does apart from sometimes lying on my feet or snuggling up to my leg, so this is a momentous occasion

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