reminder to add pronouns to your bio even if you're cis

@Olli_W_ YES! This so much!

It makes it normal for trans people, which is reason enough, but even if that won't do it (it should) it also makes it so people online don't have to ask you all the time, because they can't tell. (:

I'm curious, how come? Is it a solidarity thing? Self organizing thing? Personally, I don't see the value. But this could be related to my limited perspective.

@Clifford it's so that people know how to refer to you

@gemlog so that people who don't want to assume your pronouns know how to refer to you. it normalises explicitly stating your pronouns.

@Olli_W_ It just seems that there are a very small subset of ambiguous people.
But, that said, I don't see why we can't use neutral terms in general and do away with the problem entirely.

@gemlog yes, we are a small subset of people, but we do exist. it's great if you use neutral terms until you know a persons specific pronouns. we can't do away with the problem entirely because pronouns can be an intrinsic part of someones identity. addressing a person by their pronouns (chosen or given) affirms their identity and existence.

@Olli_W_ Tbh, by now I'm assuming ambiguous people like @gemlog (that is, people who don't mention their pronouns) to be the untrustworthy type of male. Because if they weren’t, they'd understand how much of an annoyance it is if most people assume you're male unless state otherwise.

I'm going to continue being ambiguous, because that's the whole point!
Feel free to call me she or mister - I don't care.
@trisschen @Olli_W_

@gemlog @Olli_W_ Online, /everyone/ is ambiguous!

That's one of the cool things about the internet.

@gemlog @Olli_W_ considering that I am cis but still get misgendered on the regular online, I think your assumption might need revisiting

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