Diss track I made in response to a Pewdiepie and Boyinaband video 

if anyone feels like commenting on this on the video itself btw that would be hugely appreciated!

youtube likes comments in terms of how likely it is to show people videos etc I believe, so it would just be a big help <3

ok, so everyone on here has been uh, amazing? I did think when releasing this "well, hopefully the mastodon lot will have my back" but I didn't expect as much active support as this. thank you so much o.O

with a warm start like this I feel like I'd be able to hack it even if I started to get more negative responses. if anyone has the ability to share on other platforms, and wants to, I'd be grateful - if I can, I want to get this message into the ears of people who may not want to hear it. thanks so much again. <3

credit to @envgen for filming and editing this, they REALLY pulled it out of the bag this time jesus christ. I don't think I'll ever be able to buy them enough dinner

shit has kicked off and I am terrified lol

hate is coming in a lot stronger now, if anyone knows any queer-friendly spaces wouldja be kind enough to post it there? x

discourse, largely + 

new followers who came here from the diss track - just an fyi that I’m typically personal/silly on here, and more political/serious on the birdsite. just in case anyone wants their money back


@Shonalika oh you're still on twitter as well? whats your @ ?

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