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@Olli_W_ Cut the flower spike off with a sterilized tool. Some say to leave one node at the base of the spike. Removed the plant from the pot. Carefully clean off all of the old media. With your sterilized cutting tool, remove any squishy, brown, or papery roots. You should be left with only firm roots that turn green when wetted (and possibly very few). Repot in new, rehydrated sphagnum moss in a pot only slightly larger than the roots need. Don't pack the moss too densely.

@Olli_W_ You can throw in some quality bark and or perlite to help keep things light and airy. Normal human room temperature is good for them. No intense light. I would avoid fertilizer for at least a month and even when you do fertilize, do it with a good fertilizer at quarter strength.

I'm happy to provide (nonaffiliated) recommendations for moss, bark, perlite, and fertilizers if you'd like though I wouldn't know for sure about availability worldwide.

@Olli_W_ Lastly, you should consider looking up your local orchid society and dropping in on a meeting. We're always looking for fresh faces!

The American Orchid Society provides a directory of affiliated societies that might help:

Please reach out if you need any clarifications or if you have any other questions!

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