work (very negative) 

toast says: play animal cross with only your left hand fool

@tom you're like, an audio person, right. is there a difference in audio quality between a 250€ amp and a 450€ one? is it worth it to spend 200€ more for other reasons than audio quality?

defaulting to she for all pronounless bios

videos gaem 

when i put a small part of my room on reddit some time ago people were zooming in on the photos on my walls and were like "you're taking pictures of random houses???"

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i've put lots of effort into making my room look pretty over the years but i don't really feel like sharing it on the internet because it's like, private?? like, i talk about my mental health issues all the time but that's where i cross the line??

my neighbours are currently outside taking their cat for a walk on a leash

either there were stray seeds in my compost or I've gained the ability to grow plants through sheer force of will


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nazis and hate 

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