Today in , I bought a deluxe washing machine for 76,000 bells and a throwback rocket ship for 5,600 bells. Hmmm...

CJ finally visited my island again in ! I sold all the sharks I'd been holding onto and made about 500,000 bells. 🦈

judy is crafting an ironwood cupboard on my island if anyone wants to pick up the recipe.

Beau is moving in on my island today. 🥰🌱

i didn't know it was sunday until i saw daisy mae waddling around my island

I was searching mystery islands to find someone to replace a villager who moved out, and happened across Judy after about twenty islands. :') I'm neutral toward her, but my boyfriend seems to love her!

All I want in this virtual life is a wooden end table and a wooden table and isn't giving it to me

What is the point of living if I can't match all my furniture

I'm hunting tarantulas in and I hate it

I'm tired of finding all these dang eggs!

Happy Thursday! The Able Sisters are calling me the heck out with this Steampunk outfit. It's my guilty pleasure.

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