Keeping it simple for brunch! Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (in this case, strawberry preserves) with a mug of dairy-free strawberry yoghurt drink.

I'm lucky @crucifix has two of these book stands! Look at how convenient it is to do my readings now! 😍No hand cramps!

This is a picture of my timer on my desk. You can see the 'colour block' which physically covers all the time I have left until the timer reaches 0. I like it.

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Food 🍓🍫 

I'm having a homemade smoothie for brunch. It includes:
• Oat milk
• Chia + Flax seeds
• Chocolate protein powder (V)
• Strawberries
• Pineapple
There is no gross seedy texture and it tastes like I'm drinking a chocolate milkshake.

Morning, darlings! Happy September 1st! ☀️ We're approaching optimal comfort temperatures for me here on the east coast of the United States.

The Untamed / Mo Dao Zu Shi, Screenshot 

My boyfriend and I are in the final 10 episodes of The Untamed and I am unraveling at the seams I'm not gonna make it LET THE PROTAGS FUCK

Telegram screenshot, Shitpost, me being a dumb horndog, lewd 

watching the untamed/MDZS and having a normal one

🚀 Representation Without Transformation: Can Hollywood Stop Changing Cartoon Characters of Color?

Tejada explores the trend of turning Black lead characters into something other than themselves, and what it means for animated representation.

I'm not an artist, but I had the urge to draw my fursona, Dahl, for several days now... so I did, then went over it digitally.

Copied from Twitter:


Harvest Moon Furfest is a brand new BIPOC-led furry convention scheduled to take place in Fall 2022 on a beautiful 200 acre campground property in Maryland.

Fire Pits. S’mores. Team Games And Activities. Music. Fursuit Dances. Food Trucks. Camping. And So Much More!"

Source, and more information at:

i would have wanted a sequel to the game because i've been waiting so long for one but this is hgieshgslkghslknegnienalwnan

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on Twitter has so many black men in it I am LIVING right now fucking mwah

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