I went back to the poll about time displacement and according to the comments, a lot of white users voted "I'm not white" because they're LGBT

But that's not what the poll was about, and you didn't have to vote at all if you felt your experience wasn't represented (because it was about race in the U.S., not sexuality or gender identity)

I'm disappointed in y'all white LGBT folk cause you really had me thinking there were a lot more POC here than there really are :( Lmao

FYI, I'm black and LGBT so, like... I get it, I do

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@Nymphia How do people not understand they could just not vote?

@Nymphia White people: not everything is about you challenge 2020

That decade poll 

@Nymphia It was annoyingly well conceived. ^_^;

I started off thinking in terms of the Before Times, before realising that.. huh. It'd be a bit different for me now.

Then I realised what the fourth option actually meant.

Behold the power of :_gaysparkle: intersectionality :_gaysparkle: !

If I could simply morph into whatever body was safest (ie cis white male), though, I think I'd like to see what mid/late 1960s San Francisco was actually like.

@Nymphia What the fuck? 😅 Why would that even come up as a consideration?

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