The discussion of racism should never be called 'discourse' because the term is trivializing and implies racism is drama, gossip, or a topic to be casually brushed off. 'Discourse' suggests it is a debate with two or more sides worthy of merit, but the right of racial and ethnic minorities to acknowledge and discuss our multidimensional experiences and lives without harassment is not up for debate.

@Nymphia I dunno discourse sounds more hoyty toyty something you do at t'university, no idea what the difference between discussion and debate is, or if its meet and proper to have a discourse about that difference. Oh yeah fine block me then.

@DesCoutinho I am explicitly talking about the way the word 'discourse' is used on social media websites like Mastodon and Twitter. It has taken on a specific connotation in these spaces. I don't know why you've jumped to me blocking you, man, I didn't say anything about blocking people in my toot lol.

@Nymphia I used to think it was my superpower but now you haven't maybe I don't got no superpowers.

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