My name is Dahl. I'm a 26 year old gay transgender man who is studying information science in graduate school. I'm a black second-generation Jamaican immigrant in the United States. My fursona is, appropriately, a potcake dog!

Here are some other miscellaneous facts about me:
• I am autistic.
• I am an agnostic witch.
• I like tarot for self-reflection.
• I like gothic horror, vampires, werewolves, demons, the whole shebang. Talk to me about them.
• Splatoon 1 and 2 are my favourite video games. Talk to me about them.
• I have an interest in information freedom and web archiving.
• I love Christian, Greek, and Egyptian mythology and their associated aesthetics.

Please don't be flirty with me even if you're being innocent and friendly, but especially if you are a friend. I really don't like it. I will either ignore the comment or you will get a very hostile response from me.

@Nymphia hi Dahl it's nice to meet you!!
I've been thinking about applying for an information science masters myself, and I'm curious about what your undergraduate degree was in and what you're specializing in now?

@Aleums My bachelor's degree was in Interdisciplinary Studies with a History minor. For full disclosure, I am pursuing an MLIS (Master's of Library and Information Science), not a purely Information Science/IS degree.

Originally, I was specializing in archives with the intent of pursuing careers related to web archiving and digital preservation.

Now, however, I am strongly considering shifting into more data curation courses and focusing on taxonomical work. Code4Lib has been inspiring for me.

@bgcarlisle Oh nooo I'm not new to Mastodon, I was re-doing my intro! Now I realise what my toot looks like oops. Thank you regardless!

@Nymphia hi! I commend your choice of user pic, Promare was probably my favorite movie last year

@Nymphia lots of interesting stuff in that intro, I'll give you a follow!

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