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My name is Dahl. I'm a 26 year old gay transgender man who is studying information science in graduate school. I'm a black second-generation Jamaican immigrant in the United States. My fursona is, appropriately, a potcake dog!

Here are some other miscellaneous facts about me:
• I am autistic.
• I am an agnostic witch.
• I like tarot for self-reflection.
• I like gothic horror, vampires, werewolves, demons, the whole shebang. Talk to me about them.
• Splatoon 1 and 2 are my favourite video games. Talk to me about them.
• I have an interest in information freedom and web archiving.
• I love Christian, Greek, and Egyptian mythology and their associated aesthetics.

Please don't be flirty with me even if you're being innocent and friendly, but especially if you are a friend. I really don't like it. I will either ignore the comment or you will get a very hostile response from me.

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I have an 🌸official🌸 alt-fursona/fursona now!

Meet Dahl, the rose dalmatian. Dahl is an archivist and amateur pianist living in the big city™. He is 100% bougie, 100% crybaby, and 100% sleepy, in that order. Despite the ease with which he navigates city living, he is quiet and shy, preferring to reach his weekly clownery quota online than face-to-face.

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Fun time displacement poll from a facebook friend. Which Era do you wish you were living in?

Brrr! The living room + kitchen is chilly! I'm going to have tea to warm up.

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ecology professor update: one of her parrots mimics the sound of the phone ringing. when she goes to pick up the phone, her parrot says "ha ha, it's the bird"

Thank you, everyone, for your dedication to the Earth, Wind, and Fire joke/reference. You've reminded me of my appointment this afternoon.

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Hey did you know one person eating two sweet potatoes is like eating an entire truck

Apparently, it is better known as sweet potato mash and not "mashed sweet potatoes".

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I'm going to cook sweet potato mash today for dinner, yaaay.

The number of people from my Nintendo Switch friend list sending me random room requests has increased exponentially in the last week. What's going on?

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Just order the sex toy, they said.

Ships in discreet, non-obvious packaging, they said.

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I like how
the spacing of lines
can make a text
look like a poem.

Like so much music
where the composition
is the gaps.

The rests and pauses
the carriage returns
the spaces between -

we fill in the art

The "voting is useless!" and "you can't accomplish anything through voting" toots are starting up again. You love to see it. [/sarcasm]

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hiding boosts and replies because I never asked to follow the people you're following

I'm barely focusing on this assignment. I'm doing like 5 different things at the same time aaaaaaaa

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Is it gay to seed your torrents bro? I mean you're literally...

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