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My name is Dahl. I'm a 26 year old gay transgender man who is studying information science in graduate school. I'm a black second-generation Jamaican immigrant in the United States. My fursona is, appropriately, a potcake dog!

Here are some other miscellaneous facts about me:
• I am autistic.
• I am an agnostic witch.
• I like tarot for self-reflection.
• I like gothic horror, vampires, werewolves, demons, the whole shebang. Talk to me about them.
• Splatoon 1 and 2 are my favourite video games. Talk to me about them.
• I have an interest in information freedom and web archiving.
• I love Christian, Greek, and Egyptian mythology and their associated aesthetics.

Please don't be flirty with me even if you're being innocent and friendly, but especially if you are a friend. I really don't like it. I will either ignore the comment or you will get a very hostile response from me.

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I have an 🌸official🌸 alt-fursona/fursona now!

Meet Dahl, the rose dalmatian. Dahl is an archivist and amateur pianist living in the big city™. He is 100% bougie, 100% crybaby, and 100% sleepy, in that order. Despite the ease with which he navigates city living, he is quiet and shy, preferring to reach his weekly clownery quota online than face-to-face.

My original fidget cube was not from the Antsy Labs Kickstarter campaign. I don't remember where we got from, but it's case reads KCHKUI.

The textures between the old fidget cube and the new ones (by Antsy Labs after it was acquired/sold/whatever by Zuru...) are markedly different.

Hooray! @crucifix bought two new fidget cubes for me after the joystick of my old one began to stick and squeak.

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hot take but Job should have blamed god. would have been justified to rue and curse, imo. just my opinion tho, imo

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Marx's "Capital"

- dense academic tone is hard to parse
- no poetic structure, text is unwiedly to distribute and read
- labor practices as described are largely outdated in a modern service-based economy
- long and boring

Dolly Parton's "9 to 5"

- adopts the conventions of the working class, immediately resonates with intended audience
- simple to memorize, material can easily be spread via oral tradition
- updated grievances are relatable to the average service worker
- an absolute banger

Levi has been kicking butt in Hades for a good portion of the afternoon. I'm happy he's found a game he really likes. :]

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nsfw furry hyper bulge 

Patreon sketch for Raijen

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You should do it. In all likelihood there’s a race on your ballot for mayor, city council, state legislator, county sheriff, etc. These state and local offices have a huge impact on you and your neighbors’ lives and it’s also where your vote has the most power. Do a little research and exercise that power.

And yeah, while you’re there, check the box for Biden because it takes zero effort and stands a non-zero chance of protecting folks from an ongoing authoritarian nightmare

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My hair is done. Wash day: complete! My curls look better this week than last week. I took my time today.

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Evergreen reminder that <h1> through <h6> are not for styling text; they are for outlining a web page.

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He may look like he's up to no good, but things are always more fun with Nalon around!

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #krita

This was done for Acolath (over on twitter)

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uspol, intra-left criticism 

"The Supreme Court is fake anyway" is grounds for an ass-beating when Roe v. Wade, Obergefell, etc are at stake

MORE REAL PEOPLE will face MORE IMMEDIATE CONSEQUENCES that do not give a shit about you philosophizing about your perfect anarchist utopia

Luckily, all these archives are related to my personal interests (wildlife conservation, LGBT history, and public transit!)

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I sent out three e-mails to archivists asking for an interview for a project because I thought the chance was high I'd get no response or a no..

All of them said they'd be happy to help with my project and I don't know how to say "oops nvm" so I guess now I'm doing two extra interviews just for fun

😭 😭

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My Computer is dead. I had to spend loooot of unexpected money for that because it's my principle work tool.
As I need money af, I ask you to make me commissions that I will be able to honor when I'll get my new PC
My portfolio:

Please share, I need to work and make money!

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Enter the address of your favourite website to check which user-tracking technologies it uses and who it is sending your data to.

Cool new tool!

DISCLAIMER: This is based on my personal experience with ADHD and may not be accurate for other adults with ADHD.

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