HEY! Guess what day is today? It’s our birthday day! Exactly two years ago, the Wiki (or its current version, anyway) was born. And we are so proud of what the project has achieved!

Two years ago, in 2017, someone asked on Reddit if somebody knew what had happened to the old Wiki. Apparently, it had been down for some days, but, fortunately, the Wayback Machine had a partial copy of its pages. And so, the new wiki was born, hosted on Miraheze.


At first, the idea was for the wiki to be just a temporary solution to the problem. However, as time passed, the old wiki didn’t come back. We acquired a domain, , and started building a community around the project.

We opened social media channels on Twitter (@NonbinaryWiki), Tumblr (@NonbinaryWiki) and Mastodon, which currently have around 2,000 followers in total.

You can follow us here:

We also opened a Discord server, which has helped a lot in the wiki’s development, as well as giving an opportunity to our readers and editors to meet fellow nonbinary people and educating the occasional binary person too!

Join us! 👉

Just today, we have released our first educative content for offline usage. The “Gender 101 for Nonbinary People” booklet is our first step in taking our resources to the “real world”.

We have also launched our Patreon page, with some cool perks for our supporters. The wiki is a not-for-profit project powered by volunteers, but some of our work (such as commissions for the booklet we just released) requires investment.

You can support us here 👉

In the last month, eight volunteers have been working on over 300 pages of resources. There is still a lot of work to do, and you can help us. Don’t be afraid to make your first edit!
If that’s the first time you hear about us, check us out here:

@NonbinaryWiki Congratulations on two years!!! The NB Wiki was a hugely helpful resource for me when I was figuring myself out, so I'm very grateful for all the hard work y'all have put in.

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