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The official Discord chat server for the Nonbinary Wiki is here! You can join using this link: πŸ’¬

There, you will be able to talk with other nonbinary people, help building the wiki with your feedback and more. See you there! πŸ˜ƒ

Today is the . We spend today remembering those who we have lost this past year due to violence and hate toward transgender individuals.

Phoenix Animations, one of our friends, has just uploaded a new video, and we love it. :rainbowdance: We love you too, so why not go watch it?

It's called Unsupportive family during holidays:


This week's discussion topic is "Eternal questioning". πŸ€”

Do you have uncertainties about your identities? How do you deal with them?

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#ff cutie special edition!

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Question for you all! Do you transition? If you are comfortable sharing, which steps have you taken or wish to take? Why?

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How do you deal with dates? Do you come out in the first date or wait some time?

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Does your identity affect your interaction with your friends? If you have trans friends, is your friendship with them different than with cis people?

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Hi there! If you had to recommend a resource about / identities to an ally, which one would it be?

Don't say the nonbinary wiki, we already know we are awesome πŸ˜‡

Ooooh I was going to toot something and noticed the new emoji :nonbinary: Love it :heart_pride:

Our friend at Phoenix Animations also has a great video explaining neutral pronouns and how to use them:

According to the @gendercensus, these are the top 6 neutral English pronouns:

1. They/them (77.4%)
2. Xe/xem (7.4%)
3. E/em (5.3%)
4. Ze/hir (5.3%)
5. Fae/faer (3.9%)
6. Ey/em (0.3%)

Yesterday, October 17th, was the first International Pronouns Day. We are a bit late to the party, but it’s never too late to share resources!

Here you have our article about pronouns:
We have listed neutral pronouns in 16 different languages!

There’s also the article specific to English neutral pronouns:

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It's ! If you plan on coming out, here you have some resources that might help you when explaining your gender to your loved ones:

Be safe and keep smiling! 🌞 πŸ’›

October's featured article is Transition, a process that people (typically with gender dysphoria, but not always) go through in order to reach their desired social role or physicality. Read more πŸ‘‰

[New article] The Surgery? Who says that there's only one surgery? New article about top surgery, explaining mastectomy and breast augmentation πŸ‘‰

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