[November 2021 - 1st visit of @PuppyAreg - pic 1]

It's been a while I didn't use my clipper... I took advantage of the visit of @PuppyAreg...

#SkinLatexPicture #Blindfold #HeadShaving #Mohawk #Bondage #Slave #Collar #FistMitts

Did you hear about the sous chef who complained about everything until his partner fucked a load into him?

You could call it a bred whine reduction

And suddenly (as well as unexpectedly) the question comes : « would you please shine my shoes ? »
I’m in several minds about this and all of them are confused.

English speaking European friends, in case you missed it, Metal published yesterday night my latest story. Contains chastity, bondage and horror. metalbondnyc.com/halloween-hor
It would be nice of you to tell me what you think of it. And if you could share it too.

RT @MetalbondNYC (on twitter) : "For those locked guys ending Locktober today, check out this chastity story, 'Halloween Horror Movie' by Nephilim:
metalbondnyc.com/halloween-hor "
Yep, that's my latest story.

I just saw a motivational gif saying “you’re filled with determination”.
That’s nice and all but right now I’d rather be filled with cock.

Me as a Top: "OK boy, what kind of things are you interested in experiencing today? A flogging? I would love to. What helps you get into headspace best--a gag? I can do that! Here, let's start with a big hug."

My preferred Tops this past week: elaborate gambits involving stun guns, dragging me into panel vans, convincing me I'm about to be waterboarded, convincing me to beg them for the privilege

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There are two scenes for us kinksters in the new Dune movie. They are the cherry on top of a very good movie, imo.

Based on recent epidemiological survey data from Provincetown, the CDC today recommended rimming no more than three strangers per tea dance.

New guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control highlight the dangers of spitting directly into subs' mouths. In response, the Biden administration plans to ask all Americans to employ face shields when greeting aggressive otters they woofed at two years ago on Scruff.

For NPR news in Boston, I'm Barbara Klein.

hate when you try to close your eyes but it just minimizes them to the system tray

Vanilla: I don't see how people could wear a mask during sex
The kink community: perhaps you're just doing it wrong?

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