Eh. Who am I kidding ? We all know I will manage neither of those.

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My fortieth birthday is in less than six months.
I wonder what I should get. A kidnapping and flogging scene or a full leather biking suit ?

hypno, d/s kink 

Thinkin about a hypnotist, all tied up in ropes, using their skills to help their currently dominant partner who's struggling to get into a mindset where they can give the hypnotist the punishment they deserve

The trance starts out typical, but once the subject agrees that they're feeling ready to take on their dominant role again, not even the hollow sound of entranced affirmations can stop the hypnotist from feeling a little nervous.

The awakening subject picks up on quivers in the hypnotists tone, and before they've even been counted back up to 10, the subject has a sinister grin on their face, and stands up straighter than before, menacing their bound, submissive hypnotist

[Locktober 2020 - two weeks]

And Soumis1533 is still locked for #locktober after 2 weeks. Looks like he'll be able to make the full month.

#SkinLatexPicture #Chastity

hypno, tech kink 

I think you can kinda accomplish this in text with '[name]:', with the colon suggesting that there's clarification and instruction to follow, which you would normally imply with tone of voice

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hypno, tech kink 

Giving subjects a suggestion that when they hear their name (spoken clearly and intentionally) followed by a finger snap, all of their attention is pulled to the source for the duration of a single instruction, in the fashion of digital voice assistants

Whether or not the instruction is actually followed is optional; the fun part is to draw their entire focus onto the hypnotist, interrupting their consciousness, watching them instantly perk up and drop whatever they were doing for just a moment

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