@self thanks for reopening the instance. I feared all my data were lost.

Today I got hold of a comic book I read at the public library, sometime between my 11th and 14th birthday, which had this same effect for me. See extracts below.

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Oh it's nice to be back. I missed the announcement, so I thought the instance was completely closed. For ever. And I was so sad.

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Pulling someone into a warm embrace that gradually melts their mind, making their body go limp as they fall into trance

Good news! (This is the original version of this project)

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Guys, do you know some good kinky sex shops in Barcelona ?

Guys, if duct tape is one of your kinks, go see The Batman. Several scenes at the beginning make use of it.
(And it’s a nice movie. (And we don’t see Pattinson’s face too much, if that’s one of your fears.))

Getting hard from being swallowed whole: rigor vortis

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I just accidentally googled for "Pain Shop Pro", which isn't not the name of the JASC image editor, but would be a good name for a geeky BDSM dungeon

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hypnosis kink 

The one who doesn't talk much is sitting back, smirking, watching the chatty one gesticulate and tease. Their expression stays rock-solid save for the occasional quiet laugh, or a smooth, taunting "Oh yeah?". An opening will reveal itself eventually, a chance for them to put their conversational partner on their back, knock them off their high horse, show them how to really talk someone down.

But, there's a moment. In all that bluster, they hear something about how fun it'd be to say 'yes'. And, to be honest, they agree. It's a favorite technique of theirs, posing simple affirming questions over and over again, until their subject is agreeing to anything and everything. Like many hypnotists, they enjoy using it so much because they find it fun to be on the receiving end too. It makes them feel all fuzzy and happy, eliminates any self-conscious doubting.

While they're caught up in that moment, thinking about it, they hear something with, at least, the inflection of a tease. Something about how they look when they're hypnotised? They didn't catch it, but conversational convention pushes them to respond with confidence. Unfortunately, the best they can muster is a soft, distracted "Yeah..." that hangs in the air for just a second too long to escape anyone's notice. Their face falls, smirk stolen away by the talkative one, all that confidence pulled into a devious grin.

The cover-up is brief and blushy; it doesn't help. Their little contest has more or less ended, it's just a matter of seeing it through, pulling at that thread until the quiet subject unravels.

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Okay so, in the context of two switches competing to see who gets to be the dom for the current scene, what's hotter

- Someone who doesn't talk much, but is good at striking exactly the right idea and moment to turn the tables (if they ever find it)
- Someone who talks a lot, but can't back all of it up and ends up very flustered when they're called out

I read this story last year and I found it very good. I recommend it. (Unfortunately only on Amazon…)

[November 2021 - 1st visit of @PuppyAreg - pic 1]

It's been a while I didn't use my clipper... I took advantage of the visit of @PuppyAreg...

#SkinLatexPicture #Blindfold #HeadShaving #Mohawk #Bondage #Slave #Collar #FistMitts

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