Woops my hand slipped and I accidentally a finished piece.

Timelapse and final image!

Sammie has developed some new 'features' for plot reasons. One of those includes some empathic abilities. The first time they sleep together after that shows up gets a bit... intense.

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So I went to cafepress and ordered myself a custom mug. I created the image myself, by customising open-source images from the net. I’m pretty happy with this.

Guys, I know that MrSLeather and others sell very nice puppy hoods, but if you are inclined toward diy and leather craft, you can build your own.
Pattern available here : leather-patterns.com/product/d
Video tutorial here : youtube.com/watch?v=WiIGE7FS_e

For those of you registered at Eckie's, I have posted a new short kinky story, called "The SWAT team". It was inspired by a picture with men in uniform and describe a D/s family of 6 guys.

Re-reading Rubin's 1982 "The Leather Menace", and I think you could argue that Tumblr-era discourse around "the public doesn't consent to seeing kink/bodies at pride" is in some sense a continuation of the last 70-odd years of conservative repression of marginal sexualities, and how gay people themselves have historically been baited into separating themselves from "those deviants".

There's a sense, I think, in which anti-sex queer polemic is... almost an echo of the Lesbian Sex Wars.

Guys, I’m looking for the source and/or the contact for the people involved in this picture. I would like to use it as illustration for a short kinky story and it would be even better if I had their authorization. According to my research, it was taken in 2012 for Folsom Europe.

Boosts really appreciated

Does anyone know of a good plus sized clothing store online? I have a friend who's really struggling to find stuff they like that fits.

Ass with ink 

This is more interesting than I thought😝😝😝

What are your resolutions for the coming year? And do you want some hypnotic help in following through on them?

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