Hello! I'm new to Mastodon and came here after watching Shonalika's video on it.
I'm transfemme and started on hormones a few weeks ago.
I've heard about how comforting and communal Mastodon is, and I hope to become a part of that.

@MarieTheNightOwl Welcome! Parts of mastodon are more comforting and communal than others, but we do try :-)

@MarieTheNightOwl Hi Marie and welcome! I hope you’ll feel at home here :).

@MarieTheNightOwl Welcome! 😊 I found infinite community & support here, and I hope your experience proves to be as good as mine was :blobtrans:

@MarieTheNightOwl Welcome! It's quite the journey, ne? ^_^

You're likely seeing Mastodon's "single column" mode at the moment - there's Local (just folk on this instance), Home (everyone you're following), and Federated (everyone! Sort of =:). Ellie's guide explains it all, somewhat briefly:

I'd have to agree - Masto's a pretty special place. ^_^



There certainly are some good people on here, though as @ghost_bird said, some are not, so be sure to use the block and report functions without hesitation when you come across anyone posting stuff that you find offensive, hurtful, etc.

Hope you find whatever it is you seek. Stay safe!

Welcome! I'm new here too and so far it's been great. I hope you'll have a good time here!

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