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If you needed scientific reasons to hate leaf blowers: here you go:

»running a leafblower for 30 minutes creates more emissions than driving a F-150 pickup truck 3800 miles. About one-third of the gasoline that goes into this sort of engine is spewed out, unburned, in an aerosol mixed with oil in the exhaust.«

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dating trans femmes be like 

You just spent an hour shaving your legs. You know she won't judge you for being late to shave. She gets it, she knows why you need to do that before seeing her, she knows it's not lack of trust in her love.

You get out of the shower and immediately spot the big black strands. You think of her face and relax. You're not _ok_ with it, ever, but you're safe. Not in the mindspace to makeup, that's ok, however you look, she'll never ever not make you feel like a woman.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

#Art 🎨
#GameDev 🎮
#Animation 🖼️
#Witchcraft 🌕
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#Videos ​​🎥​

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SCOTUS, denial of parental rights of same sex parents 

#Indiana Atty General asks #SCOTUS to permit the state to strip same-sex couples of their parenting rights, that is that states may refuse to recognize those persons as parents of their own children.

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Scotland makes menstual products free for all persons 

#Scotland is the first country in the world to make menstrual products (tampons, pads) free 'for everyone who needs them'. The quoted phrase would seemingly include FtM trans Scots

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"(...) algorithms do not see the world with mathematical detachment but instead tend to replicate or even amplify historical cultural biases. (...) Experiments by WIRED using the official photos of 10 men and 10 women from the California State Senate suggest the study’s findings still hold. (...) Google’s top suggested labels noted a smile for only one of the men, but for seven of the women. The company’s AI vision service labeled all 10 of the men as “businessperson,” often also with “official” or “white collar worker.” Only five of the women senators received one or more of those terms. Women also received appearance-related tags, such as “skin,” “hairstyle,” and “neck,” that were not applied to men."

Sure, let a bunch of Silicon Valley incels shape the world we live in, what could go wrong?

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I dunno if this would feel good for ppl in the opposite side of the touch spectrum of which I sit in one extreme, but I would be so happy to live in a place like this, where I can always signal touch availability to anybody, in nonsexual nonromance contexts, to ppl I'd never date, and it would never be dangerous for me or creepy for them, where I would be like one of those cats who people pet on the sidewalk.

#solarpunk #eutopia #neurodiversity

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Does anyone have recommendations for voice changers/anonymizers for VR Chat?

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info request re changing name and gender marker in the uk, boost please! 

hello!!! i am attempting a big project and would appreciate some input. i'm trying to cover the process of changing your name and gender marker with as many UK organisations as possible so if you've done this with for example, a bank/card provider, insurance company, utilities provider or on your vehicle log book, or anything else you can think of, and you can decribe the process to me, i would LOVE that! [cont. below]

Hello! I'm new to Mastodon and came here after watching Shonalika's video on it.
I'm transfemme and started on hormones a few weeks ago.
I've heard about how comforting and communal Mastodon is, and I hope to become a part of that.

We are a Mastodon instance for LGBT+ and allies!