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(Seeing as other people are doing it, and that I've been putting it off for a while. Thought maybe I'd try doing an post.)

Hey there, I'm Maple I'm 28 and some kind of female aligned gender (genderflux seems most likely) She/her I guess .

I'm a self published author (though my book is in a now deadname) I tend to focus on first person perpective character driven stories usually with them being lgbt. An important part for me is writing different and realistic trans characters; compared to what you usually see in mainstream stuff.

Other than writing I have interests in other creative stuff like painting and digital drawing, though I'm very much still a beginner in those.

My main special interest at the moment is baseball, and especially sabremetrics and the Washington Nationals.

Oh and physics stuff that always leads me to feeling very existential, damn you simulation theory. Vacuum decay is a real fear of mine now lol.

What else is there to say? I guess that I'm autistic, trying to get an adhd assessment and I have DID.

oh and I have a fixation on constantly changing both my hairstyle and colour. and I also play some games from time to time.

I hate facebook but I do appreciate that they have an ad setting to hide alcohol ads tbh

The moon is dead but she still pulls on me

idk there's just something about that line

another eternity by purity ring is a good album tbh

Maple wishes that Maple didn't have to use pronouns and that it didn't sound awkward when maple doesn't use them to refer to maple's self.

selfie, eye contact 

also holy fuck who thought the Nats would actually make the world series, especially earlier this year :o

selfie, eye contact 

I'm always torn between feeling like my height is hot and feeling like it makes me not cute

I wish the internet wasn't so american-centric at times so I could say I'm a basically a republican without it having to be a sorta trolling double meaning thing lmao

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