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(Seeing as other people are doing it, and that I've been putting it off for a while. Thought maybe I'd try doing an post.)

Hey there, I'm Maple I'm 28 and some kind of female aligned gender (genderflux seems most likely) She/her I guess .

I'm a self published author (though my book is in a now deadname) I tend to focus on first person perpective character driven stories usually with them being lgbt. An important part for me is writing different and realistic trans characters; compared to what you usually see in mainstream stuff.

Other than writing I have interests in other creative stuff like painting and digital drawing, though I'm very much still a beginner in those.

My main special interest at the moment is baseball, and especially sabremetrics and the Washington Nationals.

Oh and physics stuff that always leads me to feeling very existential, damn you simulation theory. Vacuum decay is a real fear of mine now lol.

What else is there to say? I guess that I'm autistic, trying to get an adhd assessment and I have DID.

oh and I have a fixation on constantly changing both my hairstyle and colour. and I also play some games from time to time.

I think he might be my favourite player tbh

I'm alive i guess, that's probably a good thing? maybe?

Nothing killed my enjoyment of writing more than putting pressure on myself to monetise it :(

only locked so i can make use of follower only posts tbh

I have no reaction to jokes about noble gases

It's noble to tell your girlfriend about radon :p

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I'm glad I came back to here, thanks for being so nice everyone :)

it shouldn't be this surreal thinking that people actually care about me

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I guess it's time for obnoxious book promotion again, with obligatory ignore my dead name comment.

What can I say about it? It's the story of an Ace Nonbinary self important asshole, who always needs her own way.

She's smarter than everyone else and knows it.

She lived alone, until the dramatic impulsive aromantic girl Allie came into her life.

Pixel tries to move through this new world of chaos, love and gender feelings; whilst battling with her worst enemy, which is either Allie or herself. Even me the author isn't sure.

Content warnings for Abuse, sexual, physical and mental as well as violence apply.

Also any questions feel free to ask!

pro tip: checking your ex's social media never leads to anything good...

Also trying to be more social, sorry I guess.

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therapy stuff, DID stuff 

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We now return to our regularly scheduled Maple fronting. This has been a presentation of void girl Ellie.

We really need a space to share our own thoughts without intruding on Maple's personal accounts though.

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