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(updated toot seeing as idk what happened to my last one and tbh stuff is kinda different since the last time I did one)

Hi there I’m Maple or Sodaline, I’m some sort of non binary (i think, gender is freaking weird everyone). I’m 28 years old and from the uk.

I’m mainly a fiction writer, I have one book out there in the wild. (unfortunately in a now dead name, but i’m still proud of it) I’m working on what will either be my second full length novel, or a short story series, depending on how it feels when it’s more complete. ( )

I guess my main interests are baseball, gaming in general (videos on game history or bugs or stuff like that is so fun to just fixate on), fixating on random tv shows / anime. oh and writing, character development, writing tropes, just a whole load of writing stuff.

I’m on both the aro and ace spectrum, but don’t worry I’ll generally tell people if i’m uncomfortable with anything :)

I guess just to mention I have DID, and probably some other undiagnosed mental health things.

anyway, yeah feel free to follow me or chat with me or whatever :)

kinda wanna just be a huge cliche and go get milkshakes with a cutie lol

ever just have a weird moment when you realise that two words that are spelled the same and said the same are actually the same word?

I know it sounds ridic but i just had that moment with the word spring, the season and the watery thing lol

youtube link, music 


did I just see an ad of a giraffe eating a rainbow and being milked to make skittles lmao

something something tight rear end nfl joke

when did I become such a sports gay lol

ever notice how moshi moshi by poppy is kinda gay? (or maybe i just read gayness in everything lol)

*sees another furry in a cowboy hat* UwU wah wah wah

it’s unfair that i’m allowed to be this gay but also this oblivious tbh

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not to be too lewd on main but I wanna hold a girls hand while it snows and then get warm drinks together lol

cursed, lewdish 

I sometimes worry that I’m “too much in the moment” like people praise it as this great thing to be in the moment but like, when I don’t consider consequences and stuff like that how is it good?

you know what I really need? a digimon VR game

yeah you might me cool, but do you know all the words to the digirap?

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