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(updated toot seeing as idk what happened to my last one and tbh stuff is kinda different since the last time I did one)

Hi there I’m Maple or Sodaline, I’m some sort of non binary (i think, gender is freaking weird everyone). I’m 28 years old and from the uk.

I’m mainly a fiction writer, I have one book out there in the wild. (unfortunately in a now dead name, but i’m still proud of it) I’m working on what will either be my second full length novel, or a short story series, depending on how it feels when it’s more complete. ( )

I guess my main interests are baseball, gaming in general (videos on game history or bugs or stuff like that is so fun to just fixate on), fixating on random tv shows / anime. oh and writing, character development, writing tropes, just a whole load of writing stuff.

I’m on both the aro and ace spectrum, but don’t worry I’ll generally tell people if i’m uncomfortable with anything :)

I guess just to mention I have DID, and probably some other undiagnosed mental health things.

anyway, yeah feel free to follow me or chat with me or whatever :)

only just noticed that lucario is basically wearing shorts

i’ve had this song stuck,
in my head all day,
but it’s okay
cause i can walk
(they can walk)

wanna stop being a person and become a furret cause i can walk (they can walk)

lewd shitpost 

selfies, eye contact, boosts welcome, vaping 

oh you like exit velo? then check out my exit velo when you start being elitist and gatekeeper-y about a fucking sport

anyway people who are elitist about knowing about stats like OPS+ and wOBA etc. and looking down on people who still like to look at things like RBI and Batting Average can fuck off.

it's a sport and you can enjoy things without knowing all the sabremetrics and all that

cause your friends aren’t trans and if they aren’t trans well they’re no friends of mine

used in a sentence : I legiterally can't with these made up words I use

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to quote a pretty great author, "fake ignorance is fake bliss"

But right now I'd really like some willfully ignorant bliss, it's better than real despair

Somewhere out on the west coast of america there has to be a rideshare driver called alice....

California uber Alice...

light is the fastest thing in the universe?

idk, have you ever seen how quickly i can jump to conclusions?

anyone else’s brain just release chemicals??????

the biggest thing I've learned in the past year is that hypo isn't happiness...

fediverse? nah I'm only interested in the erick fedde-verse

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