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trans, Hawaii, medical insurance, + 

Hawaii's HB2405 has passed the House, and is on its way to the Senate.

It would mandate that policies that provide treatments such as breast augmentation, voice therapy, or HRT may not discriminate on the basis of gender identity.

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The transgender spectrum:
Knee-high socks - ankle-high socks

Selfie, no ec 

Been consistently doing eye-shadow again for a bit. Loving it.

Though my tiredness is showing more and more lol

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Today is International Amber Day. I am this planet's Sovereign Ruler, and you must do as I say

A good morning to everyone!!

A brand new week awaits us, time to see how we can make the most out of it.

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If you run a Telegram group, I'd like to encourage you to consider moving to a platform that encrypts by default.

Any use of Telegram is training people to rely on it. It is unsafe. A lot of people, likely including some of your users, live in countries where unencrypted chat platforms put them at risk of political repression. Many additional countries are likely to follow this course.

Your choice of chat platform is, unfortunately, not politically neutral. Anything that discourages encryption is working in collaboration with oppressive police states.

Live your values.

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Telegram is widely used in Russia. It is possible to have encrypted chats on that platform, but this is not the default mode.

If you have friends in Russia, you might suggest moving to Signal, but if they're too stressed out to make that switch:

The way to turn on a private chat in telegraph is to first get to your contact's profile. Tap on their name in the contact list. This will open an unencrypted chat. Tap on their name at the top of the chat. Then their profile will open.

Once you get to the profile, there is a … menu in the upper right hand corner. In that menu, select "Start Secret Chat".

A new chat window will open. The messages will be encrypted and will not echo to your other devices.

As soon as they feel calmer and able, try again encouraging them to move to a different platform. Anything else that encrypts is better. WhatsApp more secure!!

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Its snowing. Is that cold enough to justify my hoodie? Hmm.

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my windowsill jalapeno plants are threatening me with more peppers than I, the only one in this household who can/will eat spicy food, will be able to use all at once

I'll probably do a small bottle of jalapeno infused vodka but I guess for the rest I'll try dicing and freezing

First rule of life. You can always have more color

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Let's do this: because I've had issues with this before and I'm sick of being picked-at because of it.

The word "could", it means.


Is it bad to be glad that my coworker is out sick? He is the one who loves to play news videos decrying President Biden and promoting the Republican agenda. He also loves to verbalize his disdain for anyone he deems "liberal"

Thursday and Friday are my days with him alone. And today instead I am all alone without him.

Hehe :_gaysparkle:

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a gender-neutral Sugar Daddy is a PayPal

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Better yet, I'll make my own label and distribution platform

Call it Queers In Sound

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Last few days have been pretty rough I won't lie. I found myself yesterday getting hard hit with flashbacks and intrusive thoughts pushing me back into the way I used to have to be to survive my past "self"

Trying to break out of it today, but it took me about 4 hours to get the strength to get off the couch and actually get ready for work. Sadly means I failed to accomplish a bunch this morning, but I'll survive. I know I will.

Trying to find what bit of positivity I can today.

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trans, Texas, District Attorneys raise a finger 

The District Attorneys of Dallas, Travis, Bexar, Nueces, and Fort Bend counties have told the Governor and AG to go fuck themselves.

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