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Did a group discussion based around how one healthily expresses themselves in their life, and the basis was using these two questions

"What about yourself are you expressing with others? How are you expressing that part of yourself?"

So I ask them here too.

vent, work, transphobia 

For context with some of his shit he is pulling:

We are given specific instructions by our primary funding agencies that educational films are not considered treatment. He tries to challenge it by saying "Well obviously. The films aren't, but the discussions are. How about you do some discussion with the clients?" and similar phrases.

Note the tone he takes? He takes that tone with me all the time, speaking down to me or being mocking in general, while also repeatedly dead-naming me or making comments under his breath a lot with me. He also supports the financial person's excuses for her deadnaming me by constantly saying "oh I can't until this is done" etc.

I am actually tempted to leave.

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vent, work, transphobia 

Took two days off from work, and in those two days:

learned that the new employee who is supposed to be working with me at the center is strongly transphobic and such.

learned that the director is completely changing the policy and procedures to make things more difficult for our clients and their issues. As well as is still showing signs of being a complete narcissistic fucker who keeps deadnaming me EVERY time.

learned that there is a push to change the paperwork at the office to something that was done about 5-6 years ago which was not practical back then, and will only cause more and more problems, potentially inciting paperwork issues and such.

learned that a client who was assessed to be out of the facility's level of care was brought back into the center and we are letting this client stay, etc etc etc, which can be a major violation of our facility's license.

I am almost desperately looking at different facilities.

Good morning my dear friends!
Just a reminder that you are all amazing, and deserve to make today your day!


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Victory for trans persons in Taiwan 

A Taiwan court has struck down the requirement of surgery before a #transgender person's correct gender can be legally recognized, ruling the requirement unconstitutional

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Throw a bad dysphoria day onto a depression episode. What's next, have something push those mental buttons for my high functioning anxiety?

Good thing I work at both jobs, bet I'll find a chance to get that shit to happen!

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trans moment (+) 

I have boobs! And a certain amount of hip, buttock, and thigh. Still makes me happy :heart_trans:

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…but first: coffee, packing, and a therapy session

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if your favorite color is magenta/pink/anything in that range between violet and red, then, your favorite color is the most human color, because our brains make that color for us

I like to think of it that way, instead of as a 'fake color' like some people refer to it

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we could have cities designed with things close to people so they could get to them on human powered or, yes, even electrically powered CONVEYANCE MACHINES but literally cars. the literal objects. and the support infrastructure for them. is a doomed endeavour and we ALL NEED TO STOP PRETENDING that it isn't obvious.

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Finally a day that I may be able to wear a hoodie and not melt

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reminder that the economy is artificial and every death due to lack of housing, food, or medical care is an act of political violence

Remember to take that deep breath my friends, and remember you got this today!

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I did something stupid. I know I did, and now I don't know what I should do.

I got away from someone about 8 years ago, someone who was heavily abusive, a terrible person. At the request of others, I blocked him all over social media, etc etc.

Years pass, I made a new account to get away from the old memory posts, and now I use Facebook once a day to just post a "good morning!" to people, like I do here and on my diaspora page.

And I realized, the other day, I decided to unblock some people because I just felt bad? idk. I am stupid. But I guess I accidentally unblocked him.

He has not reached out, and I have no intention to reach out. But what should be the best course of action? Besides set my computer on fire.

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