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Got myself a proper cup of tea, ☀️✨happy thoughts everything will be fine✨☀️

Okay I figured it out!

Wear a cardigan. Automatically turns an outfit winter.

Now to make sure I don't melt wearing a cardigan

photos of piercings and tattoos, ive never shared my tattoos? 

@eclectic Oooooooh, I love them!!

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Divinyls - Elsie 

I can't remember the last time I heard this song. And I've never seen it live. I strongly encourage you not to watch this. I strongly encourage you to watch this.

You've been warned.


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"Fossils", a *beautifully* animated short (2m20s!) about a cat and a dog out to excavate fossils. (And it's under a CC0 license!)


Its going to be a good day everyone. Take a deep breath and welcome it!

I am trying to follow this myself. Yesterday's family time hurt the soul a bit.

Regardless of what your plans are,

I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow whether it is a holiday, another day, or anything.

For me, its going to be a struggle, but I am going to do what I can.

Trans Day of Remembrance, suicide attempt mention 

In my past the pain and fear from knowing I was never going to be accepted pushed me too far. I gave in an made a decision that I still have a reminder of to this day.

I was lucky that I woke up, that I survived. Others aren't.

It is for that reason I chose to walk the life I do now, so that others could find that one support that I never did.

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Trans Day of Remembrance 

Today, on Trans Day of Remembrance, I choose to live as fully, as well, and as defiantly as I can - in memory of those lost, and to fuel my ability to continue building a world where no one ever has to die for who we are again.

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