Selfie, no ec 

Been consistently doing eye-shadow again for a bit. Loving it.

Though my tiredness is showing more and more lol

Selfie, no EC 

First day in about 2 months I fully brushed hair out.
First day in about 4 months I put eyeshadow on.

Wanted to let my color back in.

Selfie, ec 

Snowing, so I can wear my hoodie!

Selfie, eye-contact 

Felt like sharing myself as a reminder, I am beautiful. Something I struggle with remembering

Selfie, ec 

This morning had so much euphoria that one of my favorite sports bras I could fill out so wellllllll

Also dressed nice for work :heart_trans:

30 seconds is all you would need to do this dears, take that minute and just compliment yourself.

You're here, you're doing something, and that is something to be proud of. I know I'm proud of you :spaceheart:

Finally a day that I may be able to wear a hoodie and not melt

Remember to take that deep breath my friends, and remember you got this today!

Office had a cat. She was very affectionate. That is all.

Represents that no longer I have Facebook or its accurses Messenger.

Now to find better stuff to replace the space with

Actually like how I look in this picture, also casual Lily :sparkles_trans:

The look of a woman as she realizes how much work she has to do today at the office.

The secret to how I actually survive in this world with two full time careers, and a side thing on the weekends.

A good planner, the only way.

selfie, eye-contact 

Wearing slacks and my "power blouse" today, have a meeting and intend to step in and have everyone go "oh shit."

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