Selfie, ec 

This morning had so much euphoria that one of my favorite sports bras I could fill out so wellllllll

Also dressed nice for work :heart_trans:

Selfie, ec 

@MahuTherapist I'm glad it worked for you. :) Now I have to stop imagining it. :D

Selfie, ec 

@devinprater Oh my apologies, I forgot to put an image ID. Would you like me to put it in the replies here for you?

Or was this about me in a bra lol

Selfie, ec 

@devinprater lol alright,

So, the picture is detailing out a woman in a black short-sleeved top wearing a necklace of garnets with brownish-black curly hair, and a bracelet of a dozen small crystals.

The selfie is me fully dressed, not in the sports bra

Selfie, ec 

@MahuTherapist Oh, interesting about the crystals. Which Final Fantasy world did you get them from? :D Lol I'm joking of course.

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