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I just want everyone to remember something important about me, Mrs. Lily Jordan:

I don't hold back, and I will only tell you the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

So, I don't care how much it hurts to say this, but you, yes you, the one reading this, you are beautiful, and amazing, and deserve love and joy in your life above all else. You are worth it. And I am proud you are reading this, because it means you are here.

I love you, and am proud of the beautiful person you are.


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Hello everyone, my name is Lily, it is nice to meet all of you!

Nothing is more awkward than people talking badly about trans-woman that only like guys.

When I am a trans-woman who only likes guys.

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Can we design wearables to boost the immune system?

Immune systems are good and necessary. They can get stressed out. It defends the body against the other, so this is a form of identity.

They have designed a mask using living plants. They also designed a cortisol monitor to check for stress.

The designer had some immune issues which lead to this research.

She is now talking about prior art. Art and science must be connected to create better design.

There are potentials for future work regarding immune systems, cellulose and, mycelium.

We have not been shown any of these items.

Selfie, ec 

This morning had so much euphoria that one of my favorite sports bras I could fill out so wellllllll

Also dressed nice for work :heart_trans:

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Here's an unusual /instrumental/ from the Commodores, "Machine Gun" - it's a springy, funky delight.

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oh good we've hit the fetishizing mindfulness lecture of this cogsci course

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refusing to meditate the same way i refuse to exercise

30 seconds is all you would need to do this dears, take that minute and just compliment yourself.

You're here, you're doing something, and that is something to be proud of. I know I'm proud of you :spaceheart:

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There are people who know me in real life who sometimes go look at my mastodon profile and that's fine but y'all, I can get you an account.

I had clients actually approach me about them not knowing what to do with their day without Facebook, and also mentioning that without Facebook their entire morning routine was shaken up.

It is sad. But this is further evidence of the importance of Facebook staying gone.

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Buying and setting up a fedi instance on it

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The best part of not using Facebook the past 3 years is everything. Here's hoping that the servers explode and Mark Zuckerberg is standing next to them when it happens

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Best take seen so far on the outage:

"Facebook's down! Quick, let's have some elections!"

Something that is actually funny is with Mondays, I post on my FB account (I post like 3 posts a week on it) that Monday is MastoMonday, and that if people are truly interested in what I am posting or sharing, they have to join me on one of the instances I use.

While none do, today is a perfect example of why they should. : :spaceheart:

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Facebook has collapsed under the weight of it's own banality and evil

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