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Some things about me.
I have health issues that sometimes means I’m not able to keep up with everything happening on social media. It’s not that I don’t want to it’s just not an option at those times.
Aside from that,
I don’t like pizza. But if I “have” to eat it. It has to have pineapple on it and absolutely must not have pepperoni on it
Cats! I love them. They are the true overlords of the world
I often scream at the RNG god while playing games. They really are a merciless bastard of a god

if it wasn’t for my fruit keeping me up to date with the latest movies. i’d never know i was getting a sequel to frozen!! 🥰

i love sweater season. it allows me to channel my inner mommi
(yes, i do have sliced apples and carrots with me if you need a snack, i might even have a granola bar too)


cat person stuff (profanity) 

food + 

it’s finally arrived and i’m kinda excited to read it plus it’s my first paper book in years and years

forgetful and spaced out like normal 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

frantically looking around trying to find out how to make the world right again

when an escalator i’m on isn’t working the first few steps. i feel like how, i think a puppy feels when their parent goes in the other room and they don’t understand how/why they vanished and when will it stop?


cats and video games 

boob things + 

cat lady stuff 

cat lady talk (litter box antics) 

cat lady talk (litter box antics) 

transgender labelling rant, swearing, mood - (personal view) 

kitty health, mood -/+ 

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