Can I have a do-over at life?
I'd like to make a few changes...

@pettancow Every day that I keep putting off going to the doctor for 2 things (one of them is getting on the waitlist for the GIC) I feel more and more guilty.
My Scottish Sister is having major health problems at the moment and i don't want to loose her.
I also wanna come out fully and be my true self but i'm scared at any negative comments I'm going to get.
I also wanna get my own place but I can't do it on my current pay and would need another job but have basically no interview skills

@pettancow Not to mention that the longer i delay on this stuff the more I feel like I'm going to miss my opportunity and not be able to do it and if I can't be who I i am on the inside then I'm not worthy of living

@LizzyTheKitty *hugs tight* Trust me, once you make the first step, it gets a lot better. That applies to a lot of things when it comes to anxiety. And I know a lot of women who transitioned late in their lives, if you still need time to work up the will.
Still, don't hesitate to look up resources, okay?

@pettancow I'll try. I don't have the best response to stressful stuff (basically ignore it and run away).

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