Okay, I'm now at @hannah and I promise I won't be moving again unless something super drastic happens

I'll redirect this account in a few days

Right the uncertainty over whether I'm going to use this account in the future is actually making me less inclined to use it so I guess I'll jump over now

I'll post again in a moment with where to follow me again

I promise this is the last time I'm moving, the experiment is over and the experiment failed but I still want rid of this awkward name

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name change inconvenience 

Selfie, eye contact 

Misgendering (titles) 

Think I'm just going to ditch the secondary account I have on another instance, splitting things up like this is just making me less inclined to use Masto

Only problem is that I really want to change the name of this account but I'm not sure I can be bothered nuking it yet again
And that's aside from it being annoying for everyone else oops

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Thinking about how websites in the 90s and early 2000s all followed similar naming patterns

Name's Domain
Thing-planet/world/land dot whatever

And in retrospect, I really miss dedicated fansites with forums so I didn't have to see every single fandom at the same time like we do on social media because now it's totally disorganized.

Unending sexuality confusion, transphobia mention 

Name change things, brief caps at the end 

Genital mention 

Relationship ending (-), reference to abuse, manipulation 


Relationship ending (-), reference to abuse, manipulation 

Ending relationship (-), final comment 

Ending relationship (-),abuse?, infidelity, implied dysphoria, big rant (6/6) 

Ending relationship (-),abuse?, big rant (5/?) 

Ending relationship (-), infidelity,abuse?, big rant (4/?) 

Ending relationship (-), abuse?, big rant (3/?) 

Ending relationship (-), infidelity, abuse?, mention of self-harm, big rant (2/?) 

Ending relationship (-), infidelity, abuse?, big rant (1/?) 

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