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If you ever want to say something to a trans woman you don’t know just compliment her on a specific choice she made.

It’s the best feeling.

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Today the US Army tweeted a Memorial Day-themed question, and it's backfired on them horrifically.

There are thousands of replies from people detailing how joining the military completely ruined the lives of them and their loved ones.

link: is.gd/CR0cx0

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Okay this Huawei thing is really bringing up a few issues around a lot of standards bodies being based in the US

The SD Association is based in California which means that Huawei can't say their products support SD cards

And the Wi-Fi Alliance is based in Texas which means Huawei won't be to certify that their products work with wi-fi

And the Bluetooth SIG is based in Washington, which means they can't use Bluetooth

This is a problem

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glad the legal battle over bittersweet symphony is over so the verve can finally focus on writing a second song

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ICANN granted Amazon.com the domain '.amazon' today, rather than the entire geographic region of the Amazon Basin.

Acts like this are colonial, obviously, but also a slap in the face to early internet promises of global representation + shared power. Its really sad.


#GAFAM #GAFA #amazon

(via everest-pipkin.com/ , thanks ! )

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i feel like Microsoft haven't updated these values in quite a while

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