Snagged a commission from my good friend Roki (a.k.a. ArrowTibbs). I *love* how it turned out. :blobhearteyesa:

Artist's upload on Fur Affinity:

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Couple of days later and I'm still giddy over how this turned out. :blobhearteyesa:

@LadySil Ooh, they did a really nice job of conveying the expression! Tricky to get a yawn just so, let alone with a stretch too.

(I must look into who to try shortlisting, when circumstances permit - I'd like to find artists able to draw cybernetics and synths well)

@porsupah For synths and cybernetics, look up Strype on FA (fair warning: their gallery includes NSFW content).

I know of a few others, but can't remember names offhand.

@LadySil Oh, indeed! I've seen several fantastic examples of their work - that's the kind of overall look I'm hoping for. I've also seen one or two fully rendered synths that look highly appealing, though like yourself, the name(s) elude me.

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