So I decided to try my hand at a pokemon with my roommate providing assistance/commentary. Time will tell how it goes.

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hey quick PSA about treating trans people nicely.

when we say "I really wish my body was more like x". Do not reply "oh actually you don't want x". Dysphoria and gender euphoria aren't fucking logical proofs in our head we're reasoning about that you'll change our mind on, if they were then we wouldn't be trans (because if you haven't noticed some people really don't like us for it).

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Google image search:
“Your name” Fantasy gown
“Your name” Fantasy crown
“Your name” Fantasy weapon

Post the first result for each (or cheat slightly and cherry-pick your favorite from the first row of results, like I did for the gown and crown)

(source for the sword:

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1. Wars aren't won in a single battle.
2. It's right and good to appreciate the small wins.
3. The big win is still ahead of us!
4. We ~will~ win

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*unloading moving boxes*

Welp, original Masto instance imploded.

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