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Now that the notification spam from my migration mass-DM is done, it's time to introduce myself to the folks here at!


I'm Kris - a tragically goth, non-binary/transfemme, sphynx/synth bich with a heavy interest all things spooky and tech.

Heavily pierced, very tattoo'd and modified. Pan, poly, nuerodivergent and looking to make more frens.

Feel free to say hi! :3

I'm in The Bad Place™ again.

I just want to give up.

On everything.

This hurts.

I may need to disappear for a while.

Re: abuse, relationships- 

"You shouldn't talk about your ex'es so much on the internet, it's bad form."

- what part of "they could have literally killed me", did you not understand?

*blank stare*

"No one wants to hear about that."

- and I didn't want to fucking live through it. bite me.

kink adjacent, VRchat, scenework 

So not only are there mods that allow you to interact with your own dynamic bones, but there are also mods that allow you to grab the bones of your model as well as the bones of others.

I've stockpiled a number of avatars that have collars and leashes and those have bones in them that with these mods can be interacted with.

Now, here I sit not having enough people to hang out with that can get set up in the same way and would be interested in potential scene work and/or just casual fun.

*big giant sigh*

I'm not saying I'm genuinely considering [redacted] but I'm going to need to replace a significant amount of my wardrobe soon, I'm going to need a way to fund that and it's hard not to convince myself this isn't a self-solving problem.

selfie, ec 

It's been an entire week averaging less than 5 hours of very restless sleep.

I am so fucking tired.

In the same day I was offered a possibility of having my avatar cameo in one of the VR games I play I also, for lack of better words, got asked out.


tfw you accidentally deadname a friend when you want to deliver some good news

i'm gonna go crawl into a hole and die now

i... was just offered the potential that my avatar could cameo in one of the vr games i play and i don't know how to process this as even being a possibility

Roommate drama, sex work adj. 

I've had a suspicion for a number of months that my ex/roommate had been doing sex work in my house without my knowledge, consent or even so much as a heads up or conversation on the topic.

I know he doesn't protect himself online and do what one should be doing to keep themselves safe while doing SW from home and this is a clear safety risk for the entire house as far as I'm concerned.

Not to mention the fact that he's been lying to my face for literally months on end about this and too many other things.

What makes this worse is that I gave him multiple opportunities to actually sit down and have a conversation with me about the possibility of him doing sex work in the house. I never gave him permission or consent to do this in my home.

And this is all on top of him stealing my food, my weed, smoking cigarettes in the house against the lease, lying to me about other things as well as just generally not following house rules and not giving a fuck about anybody else's feelings.

I told him this morning that I'm kicking him out based on our original arrangement that he could only stay as long as he kept up with his bills and improved on the lying and the stealing.

He has used up all of his chances and now I don't give a fuck where he ends up or what he has to do to keep a roof over his head.

mtf hrt question 

So, uh.

I did an oops.

I thought I was taking 2mg estradiol/day but they filled me with 2mg tabs instead of 1mg, so it's been double that for a few weeks with a one week break when i got to take a shot.

I'm also much lower weight then when I was on 2mg/day so... frick.

If anything, I still feel 'low' and I do supplement with low-dose T so I should be ok?

In either case, obvs. adjusting dose back down.

I may have a job lead to get a technical position at a local prestigious university.

This would be an incredible pay bump as well as lifestyle change and I'm really looking forward to the possibility of this panning out.

Wish me luck please?

selfies, ec, tummy, boost+ 

I also really felt like I needed to feel pretty today. It's single digit Fahrenheit degrees outside but I missed seeing my hips and just wanted to feel cute.

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selfies, ec, tummy, boost+ 

Reminder: I like attention.

Pls to give bl00ps.

petty, goals 

I think I'm allowed this:

I can't wait for the day my new rack is healed up, I've got my muscle definition back, it's mid-late summer and I'm rocking a crop top, shrug, boots and short-shorts with leggings.

Then I'm going to march into the grocery store my ex works in, decked out in makeup, runes, garters and a slick bit of harness kit around my chest.

And just. Fucking. Strut.

I know what they like and dangling something they can't have in front of them and keeping it from them is one of the best ways to hurt them; they can't stand it when people say no.

At this point I'm almost starting to feel as if I'm in a race against time to see who gets upgraded titties first; me, or my avatar.

So good news and bad news.

Good news is I'm going to be able to get the chest size that I want without any major reconstruction.

The bad news is nobody fucking knows when elective procedures are going to be allowed again.

I waited 8/mo for this appointment, it could another 18

I was expecting bad news for my top surgery consult because I had too little development.

Then they sized me up with a possible implant size and my brain melted.

Y'all are in some serious trouble.

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