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Hey pals I'm selling my wares over on ko-fi if you want to grab yourself a pair of cute but flawed polymer clay earrings!

I made a thing! Well, a prototype for a thing. It's a cool arcade cabinet that you can use as a phone holder. I'm going to try doing a proper one for pacman and then space invaders then see if people want them for themselves (let me know if you do, pay what you want + shipping from the UK)


Had my second shot yesterday and feel like pure shit. Could probably fry an egg on me rn

Does anyone here do monochrome #PixelArt commissions, approximately 32x32 in size? I have some ideas for my perler art but I'm no good at making this kind of thing. I've attached an example of the kind of thing I'm looking for.

Boosts welcome!

That child doing the motivational speech about how much she wants a job is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen and her dad should be in jail

Have not missed out on the uniqlo animal crossing collection so I'm starring this week strong 😎

Ignoring message requests from members of the group I archived is self care baby

Hauling my ass to whereever Taika Waititi is to join his polycule. Holy fuck.

Got the vpn on the telly so I can watch gay Christmas without the bbc

Imagine putting someone through 3 interviews and not even having the courtesy to get back with an answer within a week


Getting my first round of 5G tomorrow!!

Would anyone like an Ursula? I can put magnets on her to make her a fridge magnet

#free to a good home, just cover shipping (from the UK, looks like large envelope?)

#hama #perler

Video of me, eye contact, rollerskating update 

I managed to actually glide!! Yes I look like Bambi!!!

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