Dungeon Maker is a surprisingly in-depth game featuring a sort of grid based setup where you control a Dark Lord defending their turf from heroes invading. You collect room types, monsters to populate the rooms and artifacts. The art is a sort of detailed pixel art, and while the Dark Lords (all women, of course) are all... rather stacked, there is a decency mode to tone down the jiggle idle animation. Its otherwise pretty tame overall.

Anyway. It typically costs 4 US Dollars typically, and while there is some in game monetization to either sell outfits or "unlocks", One thing I really like is that the game is actually pretty honest about how you can truly unlock all of the great Quality of Life features in game, like, faster speeds and auto attack, that don't take a billion years to unlock.
For a mobile game, I like one with an upfront cost and if I didn't enter the in-game store, it was easy for me to forget it was there.

If you wanted a surprisingly deep roguelike dungeon build/defense game. I recommend Dungeon Maker. Its been through years of development and the polish is there, which can be hard to find in a mobile game.

If you are looking for an easy-entry, sober, and humanizing look into Black American History, I absolutely recommend it.

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I am finally getting around to listening to the 1619 Project podcast. This is not to say that I’m wholly unread, i just hadn’t done anything but skim the project before. It’s great, and while yes it’s a tough topic, it’s not nearly as difficult as I’d imagined it to be, even knowing my tertiary experience via right wing media whining was overwrought.

Hello, I’m Haddie or Hadassah. I am transgender, tired, and an incredibly friendly introvert. I will mostly lurk, but I do try not to be completely silent while also not filling the air with my cynical perspective.

Feel free to reach out, I’ll try to do the same. All we have is each other, ultimately. 💙💚💜

I write novel length stories featuring existential, non-traditional POV protagonists as well as fanfic. You can ask and I’ll share the fic link.

You can find my isekai about a native Kobold meeting a traumatized reincarnation in an Elder Scrolls/Dragon Age/DnD setting here: scribblehub.com/series/468182/

You can read a story about a world fully cognizant that it is trapped in a comic book and cannot scream, following a programmer forced to be friends with a superhero group here: scribblehub.com/series/267415/

Amazing the distance from this post, the last one I’d posted on Mastodon and now. I’ve got a number of skirts, sports bras, a pair of wedges and have traded my eyeliner for mascara for the most part.

I’ve come out to my parents and grandparents, and friends in real life. I’m not transitioning legally or medically because I’ve moved to Texas from Oklahoma and I’m not any safer from state violence here (if not worse).

But it’s been a whole pandemic and a life ago since this post. I’m happier and better off, incredibly fortunate and more focused.

Have a good day. I’m going to myself.

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I just went into a department store and tried on and bought myself a skirt while wearing eyeliner. The success was fun but I definitely need to wrk on not feeling like some sort of criminal for looking in the women’s clothes.

Review of The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein which discussesgovernment oppression, racism mention 

I recently finished The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein, which is an incredible teardown of how the government was (and is) instrumental in just about every part of African American economic oppression, especially focusing on post WW2. Its strange how (white) kids, myself included, hear about Jim Crow and maybe in college there's discussion of redline neighborhoods, but its so much more far reaching. I highly recommend the read, but definitely will make you angry if you have any inclination of being upset by real acts of legal oppression.

Ultimately the book is trying point at all the ways that real standing could and should be found by the harms inflicted upon an entire race, and is trying to drive towards some form of reparations, or at the very least, stopping the issues going forward.

Wow, seeing the Mastadon interface in a browser makes much more sense than first trying to interface via mobile.


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