@dumpsterqueer remember to use a firewall to stay safe from SQL-y transferred infections

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Being trans and not having "always known" is freakin valid, damn it

@June the year of the Linux desktop really just came and went without us noticing, huh

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"Xenophobia answered the plaintive colonizer’s question: why do they hate us? The response had nothing to do with land grabs, theft, indentured servitude, or occupation. Nor was this an exercise in Romanian-style ultra-nationalism. This xenophobia was due to an in-born condition, a reflexive fear and hatred of all strangers that stemmed from the racial inferiority of these primitives. Race-based xenophobia became the missing piece of the colonists’ puzzle."


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polyamory + uslaw shitpost 

@kistaro registering your polycule as a corporation for tax reasons

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@kat that character is definitely trans there is no other possible explanation for saying that

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A lot of instances block switter so won't be able to see what I just boosted.

Just in case, please consider donating some moneys to Wren so they can pay their housing and bills. From their original post:


**GoFundMe to secure housing and pay my debts**

I know I've been posting a lot of beg posts, but this is the biggest and hopefully will be the last.

My roommate is leaving our lease sometime next month and I need to find a new place as well as pay her back for rent and bills. She's been really kind about me being late on rent nearly every month, so that's a really important part of this fundraiser.

Please share on any platform you feel comfortable sharing. Thank you.


Source: switter.at/@saffronishere/1063

re: climate despair 

@ak @dumpsterqueer sadly true. Māori people are homeless in our own country while rich people continue to buy residency and all the houses

mh, hrt, the ex, abuse 

@alanae if it's helpful to have more validation that emotional volatility is not the reason you feel that way about her, puberty 2 isn't just negative emotions, it also comes with extremes of positive emotions

@alanae (late) happy birthday. Hope you have many more good birthdays in the future

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@tindall I mean, we have an entire chunk of brain called "the altruism center". Most folks have a different chunk of brain dedicated to empathy. Our bodies have a hormone that makes us feel good that's most commonly released during cuddling. All of these biological things are present in a world that has effectively forced us to be cruel and selfish for generations.

"Humans are fundamentally selfish" my ass.

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Hey federated verse I'm looking for cloud computing/vps provider recommendations.


* ethical (no megacorps).
* api for creating/destroying resources
* green energy/carbon neutral
* preferably within Europe for gdpr compliance

Boosts welcome! Thanks!

@dumpsterqueer hack a cryptocurrency mining rig and have it run Go To Social

Selfie, eye contact 

Who's hoodie is that you ask? I have no idea what you are talking about 😈

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that is to say, people being selfish in a system that rewards them for being selfish is not evidence that people are fundamentally selfish

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I've never been in a poly relationship but I imagine that means multiple people can borrow your hoodies now

@mhmd it also means that you can have multiple people to borrow hoodies from

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Asking for Help, Cancer, Pls Boost! 

Here we go again, I know, asking for help with hospital bills. Our fundraiser needs to hit $4000 to pay off the tumor surgery, but is only $806 away from that milestone thanks to you all boosting the signal and showing incredible generosity. Please keep it up, we need to get this one paid ASAP. Once we hit that 4K mark, things will calm down til August scans.

Thanks y'all so much.


Redacted bills on GFM page

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid

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Link was a girl
Sheik was a boy
And both were non-binary lesbians
Link had a horse
Sheik did ballet
What more can I say?

Link wanted Sheik
Sheik wouldn't tell
Secretly he was Zelda as well
And all of Link's friends
Threw up their hands
I forgot to mention that Impa was trans

( @Wayril )

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