Selfie, eye contact 

Who's hoodie is that you ask? I have no idea what you are talking about 😈

Selfie, eye contact 

Can't remember if I posted this selfie here or not

Food, cursed 

I ran out of bread so here is my highly cursed burger I had for lunch

Animal crossing meme 

Me performing a rock summoning ritual


Me and my new best friend hanging out on this hot southern hemisphere summer day.

Selfie, mild NSFW maybe 

Bonus picture from a few days ago when I went to the beach because I want more attention

Last week I got back home from the UK. Saw a lot of things older than my country, including Colchester Castle, which is a Norman castle built on the foundation of a roman temple.

Selfie, eye contact 

I have been accused of looking stylish

Selfie, no eye contact, belly shown 

Apparently we are doing a so here is my Elly Belly

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