Why the hell aren't there free public showers?
How are you supposed to say you care what happens to the homeless if you aren't providing this service? We're at a point where "not getting hired for hygiene" is just code for "we don't hire people who aren't financially stable enough already to have their own private hygiene facilities".

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The super worm moon is when I am at my most powerful

I operate on a political platform of "Winston Peters should have more things thrown at his stupid, racist face"

'mew' is the perfect word for when you don't know what to say but wanna say something

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shout-out to my trans sisters and non-binary siblings who are women (or caucus with women) but are feeling like they're on the outside looking in on International Women's Day

shout-out to my trans brothers and non-binary siblings who aren't women, but still get their assigned gender shoved in their faces on International Women's Day

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So I started working last week, but I won't be getting paid in time to make rent, which is due tomorrow if I don't wanna pay an addition $130 late fee.

I'm getting paid on the 21st, and eviction notices are sent out on the 15th if rent isn't paid.

I asked the landlady to email corporate and ask to extend that date for me but she isn't hopeful as they've never made an exception for her before.

I'm $600 short on rent this month because a roomie is moving out and I haven't got anybody set to take their place yet, that's before electricity and water, both of which are higher than usual this month for some ungodly reason.

So I'm asking for help again. Anything helps, and I appreciate the help I've gotten so far so so much. I hate asking, but I can probably pay some back, or forward as the case may be, when I do get paid on the 21st.

Boosts are super appreciated also <3 <3



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