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One of my greatest fears that, for a time, kept me from transitioning: that people would misgender me constantly. In my case, that fear turned out to be very overblown 🙂​

If you're a trans person who has come out: how often have you actually been misgendered?


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There's a very good chance this will turn into another essay soon, but it's too good to keep locked in my head until I have the spoons to write the whole thing, so this is what's been going on in my brain lately:

Disability-Driven Development.

Intersectional understanding applied to the creation of software tech.

Invert the usual hierarchy of privilege and access to making things (like, say, social networking infrastructure). Find multiply marginalized voices and put them in charge.

People whose life experiences and privilege have let them accrue technical skills and expertise are welcome to contribute what they can, but we don't make the decisions. That belongs to the voices that don't usually get heard.

Refuse to be about scale or monetization or growth. Reject the idea that appeal to the privileged "mainstream" is a viable route to health.

There is only one success criteria:

Are people who usually get left out of the development process getting to make things that improve their lives?

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Yeah, sex is good, but have you seen your girlfriend flirts with other girls?

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The moment has finally arrived! 🥳

and I have been hard at work for the past week putting together a Mastodon instance so that we can create a backup disability and chronic illness community.

It can be found here:


For now, we have set up a terms of service, privacy policy, rules and best practices.

I have plans to set up a Twitter space to go through each of these with the disability community directly to add/subtract/reword things.

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when I said I wanted "double D's", I meant tiddies; not dysphoria & depression…

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Intellectual property theft, boost please 

So, DeviantArt opted in, by default, all existing art on the website for use by third-party AI.

Without notifying their users. For all existing art.

You have to go through your art pieces one by one and tick a box that you do NOT consent to this.

I learnt about it on Birdsite, by accident.

And of course, any inactive user or dead user will have their art used by AI models from now on, even though they never agreed to this.


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business cards with your sigil on them and instructions for how to perform your summoning ritual

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ye best start believing in gay love stories *kisses you* cause youre in one

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I propose banning all advertising as an energy saving measure
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trans stuff ~, surgery ~, words are cool if you have them 

I am once again having conflicting feelings about bottom surgery

do i want a neovagina? yes.

do i want to run the risks? no.

do i want to magically have a body part that aligns with who i am? yes.

do i know exactly who i am or what i need my body to be? no.


i have a letter from GRS montreal saying they need funding info and then i can have my date but like...

i just.


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want to lay on a big fluffy blanket and wiggle around

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pals, what tools should i be using to check accessibility / correct labeling etc for a web page / react app?

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If you appreciate queer girls wearing mesh bodysuits, then you should check out my game where you get to save the world as one, GET IN THE CAR, LOSER!, my lesbian road trip RPG that’s currently 50% off on Steam! store.steampowered.com/app/938

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in celebration of the instance being back up, here have an extended portion of the track I've been working on lately

I'm super proud of this honestly - although the vocal sample still feels cheeky AF. Its definitely setting a high bar for the next record honestly

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