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Roommates just gave us 30 days notice as they move into a smaller unit in the same complex. Buncha cishet fuckos

Welp, our housing situation is now pretty dire. I swear I'll stop spamming y'all with my donate links once our housing is stable again. Brown lesbian and her trans gf need assistance now.
venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

Someone: Stop apologising so much

My brain: Say sorry. Apologise again for apologising so much. Do it!

Hey a friend of mine is in a precarious housing situation at the moment and there has been a fundraiser and charity stream set up to help her find a new place to live. The charity stream will be happening on the 15th. Please donate if you can afford it

I have been cursed to always break the pull tabs when I try to open cans

When your girlfriend opens a jar of pickles for you :blobhearteyesa: :blobhearteyesa: :blobhearteyesa:

Hi, I made a GoFundMe for myself to escape my mom as fast as possible. If you can't donate, please share!!!!! (CW ab*se, housing) Show more

Vox is on strike today- they're trying to unionize! ✊

As a result, consuming media today from Vox, The Verge, or Polygon constitutes breaking a picket line.

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:sm64_a: :sm64_s::sm64_c::sm64_a::sm64_b::sm64_p::sm64_l::sm64_z: ❤️

This world is cruel and unjust, I need to get up and pee but it's cold and my bed is comfy

please help, neurodivergent trans girl in need of :purple_money: Show more

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Had a friend come around for 24 hours, dinner yesterday to just before dinner today. Bed was a little bit crowded but was nice looking over at two cuties

yall ever just wanna like, be a ninja turtle?? fight bad guys, eat pizza, have no job?? fuck that's the life.

if the priest is more than 15 minutes late to your funeral legally you can come back to life

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