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Hey so

My one girlfriend is a young trans girl living in NC. She is facing homelessness in like two weeks-ish, if not sooner. She doesn't have any options for an income because of her depression, there are no options for housing that either of us can find. Her abusive parents are actively violent and hunting her down and the pharmacy just refused to refill her estrogen. She's running out of options and neither of us know what to do.

If you could donate or reboost it would mean so fucking much to us. Even just a little bit, whatever you can manage.

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asking for money help, boosts welcome 

hey so me and my grandparents just dumped a fuck ton of money into a school bill but there's still another $500 ish to go

we can probably make it up in time for registration but my father is going through chemo and i'm unemployed so it's very likely that we could end up with a household of 6 people held up by two retirees and one full time worker in a hurry, so things are pretty dire

i set up a paypal here if anyone wants to help out. i don't mind people seeing my deadname so long as you no one calls me that when they should know better lol


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Played first session of a RPG today. Have a little bit of a headache, lots to learn

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trans crowdfund, boosts needed, abuse/transphobia mention 

My friend Rosy is an autistic, gay, trans woman currently living with her physically and emotionally abusive bio family in Ohio.

She's been trying to join her loving wife, Nova, in Cape Town, South Africa for most of 2020, but hasn't been able to due to the pandemic.

The SA government has lifted restrictions, but there are a lot of caveats -- including the need to stay in a low-risk country for 10 days.

Rosy and Nova have gathered some money, but not enough to cover accommodation, and extra flight costs needed to avoid laying over in transphobic regions.

Any donations will go a long way in making a HUGE difference in Rosy and Nova's lives.

Boosts so appreciated!

Rosy's Paypal: paypal.me/rosypup

More details in replies.


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Good News Friday // Romance/PDA 

I went on a date today and had a lovely time.
Headpats were exchanged and we had a few kisses

NSFW, sex 

Doxy wand review: Yes

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these are the only operating systems that exist. what is your favorite operating system

(boosts good)

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It bothers me that the word "palindrome" isn't a palindrome.

Out of context quote from conversation 

Humans are covered in delicious salt

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begpost :boost_ok: 

I have multiple bills to pay & a very short time frame in which to pay them. I'm on disability payments, which, although I do get more than if I was on another payment, doesn't cover it in the slightest...

My electricity bill is just under "AU"$450 (my electricity company fucked me over, basically), my phone bill of "AU"$80, & a weeks rent ("AU"$240). If y'all could donate to my PayPal (paypal.com/paypalme/HMNemulato), or at least boost, that'd be great. :^]

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Chicken Quest: 🐤 Choose your own adventure emoji poll (poll 8) 

🐥 "Eating a good pastry or cake.. it's uplifting!"

🦊 "Yes, yes, the pastry is a joyous afternoon as an edible experience."

🐥 "Uh huh.. so.. imagine if.. your desserts could look like a flower, or, or.. an even prettier flower. Or like a god, orr, like your ship!"

🦊 "Adorable!"

🐥 "Yeah! She wants to travel to the best bakers she can find, to learn from them, and decorate their desserts!

Oh, so.. what does your ship look like?"​​

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Chicken Quest: 🐤 Choose your own adventure emoji poll (poll 7) 

💌​ She delicately pulls out the sealed letter, already a little crumpled around the edges.

🐥​ "This is from my best friend in the world! She told me to only open it on my hardest night.. SHE'S on a quest too!"

🦊​ "Delightful! Would you, ah, like a folder for that?"

:blobcat_pleading:​ 🐤​ "Oh gosh thank you!"

😊​🦊​ "Of course! Now come, let's get to the ship and speak of my request. Tell me, what is your friends' quest?"

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Chicken Quest: Choose your own adventure emoji poll (poll 6) 

🦊​ "Ahha.. uh... for the quest I called you here for, little one?"

🐥​ "I don't even know what it is so I don't think I can say one way or the other. But.. I am here for the quest!"

🎒 She nods and goes to close her bag -

🦊 "Wellll hold on there, what is that there, that you consider the preparations for your battles?"

🐤 "Oh.. this? This is all I need to remind me of why I wanted to adventure. To never give up!" ​

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Selfie, Eye Contact, Me 

It's me, in my token femme* outfit for work.

*It's just a blazer. But it's a cute blazer. And comfy.

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