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how much hrt do I need to get metalgreymon "chest" missiles tho

Hello! I’m doing another casual survey, this time about identity journeys.

All trans and/or nonbinary people are invited to take part! If you’re not cis, please do take a look.

Thank you!

#trans #nonbinary

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The Kickstarter for EXTREME #MEATPUNKS FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH is NOW LIVE! Gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat!

* Kill fascists!
* Meet a god!
* Steal the sun!


INFRA BRAD (feat. Michaela Nachtigall) - is now available for streaming & purchase on
Bandcamp! 🎶🎻🔥🎵

SO many kudos to the unbelievably skilled who recorded lead violin on this brand-new track for the #MEATPUNKS Kickstarter trailer!

PLEASE HELP;; EMERGENCY; stuck in the desert with dogs, RV broke down 

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cissexism and body shaming, penises 

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hey friends. my cousin and a team of extremely talented queer and trans folx in NYC are working on a museum of lgbtqia+ history. if you have ~20 minutes to spare, please fill out this survey!!


Friends, I hate to have to ask, but I'm struggling with finances right now. Like I legit don't have much in my bank account to keep me afloat to my next pay period on the 30th of this month. If anyone can help in any way, please consider buying me a coffee through Ko-fi. Any little bit will help. It could help me with my next meal or with gas money to get to work. Here's the link to my ko-fi account:

Thank you!

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