Now that #Vermont is back to single digits F, time to share my favorite ice-related infograpic.



@mattcropp I've never walked on ice, and I'd like to know if this is real or a gag to try and make people look silly.

@GenaTrius @mattcropp Nah, to give you a good idea of how slippy it can get, try walking on those plastic pamphlets that move when you put your foot on it. No adherence : you foot will go anywhere else than the ground if you aren't precautious.

@GenaTrius @mattcropp it's absolutely real. Unless you've got spiked ice boots that can grip into anything you should walk stiff legged with your legs close together. Basically like a penguin.

On icey days wegmans even puts a sign in the parking lot to walk like a penguin to not slip lol

@radicalrobit @mattcropp Thanks, that's good to know! Wegmans is pretty cool. I stopped in at one when I visited Erie PA (in the summer.) That's cute!

@radicalrobit @GenaTrius We recently had a 24 hour period where it went from -5F to 45F then back below freezing right after getting a foot and a half of snow.

Was very glad I owned yak trax and had an extra 5 gallon bucket of salt in the garage...

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