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Fascists are not welcome here. And we'll make sure you are not welcome anywhere else.

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About the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: 

I designed the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: about a year ago. I'd like to explain the meanings behind each element.

First off, there are the mirror of Venus and spear of Mars--traditional symbols of female and male identities, respectively.

But the central circle is intended to represent agender identities, and the incomplete arc to represent demi- and other nonbinary identities. 1/

The three most significant characters are a trans man, a trans woman and a bisexual woman btw

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A space station where people are controlled, lied to and isolated from the rest of the Galaxy. It is founded on the principle of preserving the purity of human nature and recreating Old Earth ways and traditional morality. Six different characters, many of them LGBT all try to escape, gradually learning just how much they've been lied to.

That's my new novel. I've finished planning the plot and the setting, and I've nearly finished working out all the details of the main characters. I'm quite excited as I don't usually write science fiction. I usually write fantasy.

Should I put any of the above behind a CW by the way? It's perhaps slightly graphic talking about intimate body parts. I'm still new to this site and the rules.

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I realised the other day when I was trimming my pubes that I feel completely disconnected to my genitals.

I knew for a long while that there was a disconnect with my genitals when it comes to sex. I even acknowledged that my sexual struggles are because of dysphoria.

I've been saying that I don't mind what I've got between my legs on a day to day basis. And it's true. They don't cause me distress or anything.

But I only realised the other day, looking down at my genitals while trimming my pubes, that I actually feel like they don't look like they belong to me in any meaningful way. They're just sort of there.

Saw with complete clarity that I should have a vagina really. It's like cognitive dissonance or something, which is why I feel the disconnect so acutely when it comes to sex with another person. What I didn't realise before was that I feel a disconnect from them the rest of the time too.

It's not traumatic or upsetting. But it does mean that they don't feel they belong to me somehow. They're just what I have instead of the vagina I should have.

I'm Kim. I'm a trans woman. I'm mostly lesbian but with some flexibility, which is why I use the word queer.

I'm submissive but not really into bondage or pain, my kinks are feet, piss, humiliation and roleplay. I'm polyamorous.

I love science fiction and fantasy. I'm a big Doctor Who fan. I like all types of music but mostly heavy metal and electronic dance music.

I'm pagan, not heavily into magic or ritual though. My eclectic altar has mostly Greek and Hindu deities on it, with one or two Celtic or Egyptian gods too. I love nature and that is where I find the deepest connection with the divine.


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