Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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like I would hope my account is safe for enby people because I'm one of them. us. :P

@EpicMiscreant Hmmm, I don't know :blobdetective:

I mean, I own this instance, and



I'd say, probably?

@EpicMiscreant How can I tell whether my account is safe for non-binary people or not?

@Kasil Generally, if you're not posting anything offensive towards or targeting in particular (in this case) non-binary folks then it can be inferred that your account might be safe. Another way to tell is if your own opinions are dismissive of non-binary identities (as in you believe there are only two genders) or gate-keep, then your account might not be safe after all.

I put this out there to see who would boost it so I could find folks to chat with or befriend.

@EpicMiscreant Do you mean that the content is not offensive to these groups or what is the definition of safe here?

@marble Yes, it does refer to content that is not offensive. It also refers to whether you gate-keep or erase non-binary identities by believing that there are only two genders.

@EpicMiscreant How would I be able to tell? I'd happily let Enbies be my judge and suggest how I could improve. I try to be mindful and respectful at all times but I sometimes fail at things.

@MacLemon Your response tells me what I wanted to know. My posting this was a test to see who would boost it so that I could find like-minded folks to talk to or befriend.

@EpicMiscreant hmmm, I would think yes but how can I be sure? Who am I to judge?

@narF I think if you don't post offensive things targeting non-binary identities, and you aren't gate-keeping/erasing non-binary people then your account is likely safe.

@EpicMiscreant I like to think that I don't, and I hope that reality matches with what I think.
In the end, I guess it all fall back on good intentions + actions taken if a mistake happens.

In general, I try to be an ally, but I've read so many stories of "allies" who caused more harm than helped...

@narF That tells me all I need to know. You're honest, you are striving to be open and helpful, and you are making the effort and hold yourself accountable. All very good things. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘


I can't guarantee that. If someone is nonbinary and is a huge asshole, I couldn't care less about them and we probably wouldn't be good friends, but if they're really interesting, then surely we'd get along just fine! โœŒ๏ธ

That rule kind of applies to everyone I meet. The rules don't change for someone's identity, religion, or political stance. ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ’–

@EpicMiscreant I keep wanting to boost this! But I donโ€™t know and donโ€™t wanna lead people on. I think mine is, but is there something in particular you have in mind?

@EpicMiscreant I don't know about my account - not sure what you mean - but I think of myself as, uh, pretty much safe to befriend for #nonbinary people? Like, why wouldn't I? (OK, it was a rhetorical question - I can totally see how some people are vastly hostile to, uh, a lot of people.)

@rafu As long as you're not posting anything negative or erasing non-binary existence by suggesting there are only two genders, then you would be considered safe. :blobthumbsup:

@EpicMiscreant The thought there are only two of whatever sounds ridiculous to me nowadays.

@EpicMiscreant I am in fact a nonbinary people, so yes. tis safe here.

@EpicMiscreant This is a very handy list of NB positive peeps, nice!

@EpicMiscreant I think it is but I'm too afraid to ever hurt any enby person to say it's safe ;__;

But I do hope it's safe. It's just not up to me to decide, in my opinion.

I boosted. Don't know if it is, not my place to say, but I try my best to be the best person possible

@EpicMiscreant Out of interest, is there anything that makes an account unsafe besides people who intentionally post homophobe content or alike?

LB: I consider this aspirational. As someone who is not non-binary, I am not qualified to certify whether I am safe or not. But I try.

@EpicMiscreant special mention for instance:
For amateur radio/ham radio. It can be a difficult hobby for LGBTIQA folks due to high % of cis white men @M0YNG has made it feel a safe space everyone.

@EpicMiscreant if its not, its definitely safe to call me out.

@EpicMiscreant I do try my best, I don't think I've said anything that's unintentionally insensitive, I'm supporting everyone's sexuality/description etc. And I try to be as inclusive as I can :) Might be that I am saying the wrong thing here or there, but I'm willing to learn, and think that everyone deserves the same amount of respect and love :)

@EpicMiscreant I have a very dear enby friend whom I love and admire. I have learned some things thanks to them and I want to be better.

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