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Perhaps an is in order:

I'm Rory and I'm a miscreant of epic proportions learning lessons the hard way... β™‚ I'm πŸ’– πŸ’› πŸ’™ πŸ’œ ❀️

My pronouns are He/Him/His.

I'm and a complete nerdster. I'm also a cat person. I also have eclectic tastes in , and , and of course.

Capitalism is just depressing. You get told your whole life you could do something important or change the world but you just end up working for someone else.

The gender of the day is a band of axolotls.

Today's gender is artistry and the smell of someone else doing the laundry.

Today's gender is an enormous angry narwhal.

me joining mastodon: oh neat this is an open-source twitter network

me after mastodon: oh neat this is the underground transbian network

Today's gender is loneliness and the sound of the first three bars of FΓΌr Elise, over and over.

Asking for help, please boost 

We were just quoted $8175 to get our power back on after the ice storm and we need help, now. We cannot store food, we cannot save this kind of money, we make far too little for this, and our savings are in the 100s and dwindling. We're terrified. Please help a poor queer family. Anything helps


if I was president of the united states I'd drink from a mug that said "I love the smell of burning capitalism in the morning"

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The gender of the day is a tailored cardigan covered in rainbows.

When you see a line of cars and trucks passing you on the street flying American flags and Trump 2020 flags and you realize you need to get your fucking passport in order like last week.

Queer update: I'm feeling tastefully and socially queer.

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