hey all who follows me here, I've officially moved to @DiaryOfIceTea@cybre.space so follow me there if you want I've also imported my following list to there so!!!!

abuse, personal 

got a letter from the university's title ix coordinator stating that the process of having an investigation done is good to go. I'm so fucking scared now but idk what of. maybe the idea that he can retaliate during the investigation and lie or something and point the finger at me and manipulate and then i lose. and he wont be kicked out. and his mom will get involved. and my mom will get involved. i just idk.


these twit vegans really just said "if you can go vegan and you choose not to i cant respect your choice" ok so?????? do i look like i care about your opinion??????

the anxiety is overtaking me i wanna start crying in class oh well

abuse, personal 

my no contact order through my university went through and they just sent out the email to my abuser so now he knows that i told someone about what he did to me and im both excited and freaking out

when you friend might not come to class today 😥 😓 😢 😭 😦 😩 😧

Honestly this whole you have to make separate accounts for separate instances and not being able to toot to all instances at once idk it bothers me a lot???? Is there an app where I can post once and it'll be posted on all my instances??

oh boy time to log out of everything and do my paper I've been avoiding for 3 extensions!!

My anxiety is like making me not want to treat this like twitter bc its like on twitter im super personal and reckless (almost shitposty) but here seems like everyone is formal and cool so like ?????

Hey yall I'm Ocean or Raphael, you can call me either! I'm a queer-ace enby from California!


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