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countering misinformation spread by transphobes with citations 

Keeping a little list of pinned research citations to keep on hand for the purposes of countering misinformation spread by "gender critical"/TERF/general transphobes

Luckily a google search turned up a reddit user who already put together a nice list of citations which works well for this. It's multiple studies on the reduction of suicidal ideation with acceptance and transitioning, handy for when well meaning or outright dishonest individuals use the suicide rate to justify their opposition to the very treatments shown to reduce suicide ideation:

Original link:

Archive today mirror:

Another citation I found relevant to this issue is this:

European Society of Endocrinology. "Transgender brains are more like their desired gender from an early age." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 24 May 2018.

I knew Kent Hovind was a bad, stupid man 30+ years ago, but I was not prepared to learn how horrible he was as a human being. The stories just get worse and worse.

So the church is pretending the " will become gods/god is an exalted man" thing wasn't a thing now that it's inconvenient. Very one true religion of them

I am looking for LGBTQIA+ people doing reverse-engineering to interview for a podcast series.

− From any fields, any discipline, not only computer hardware / software
− hardware and software practices are welcome
− I like quiet, calm, smooth atmospheres for those kind of interview
− I'm not looking for rockstar
− no TERF
− It is within the framework of a program of exploration and non-academic research (NGO)
− It's audio-recording
− It's remote synchronous recording (mostly using bigBlueButtom)
− we submit the draft to you before distribution/publication of the episode
− this is not a paid interview
− It's for public podcast series with content under free open source license

if I missed something you want to know: please DM me.

Kiwi Farms is a murderous community that gets away with it because of the benefit of the doubt since there aren't any "physical" interactions between Kiwi Farms users and their victims. But the damage they do is real. On the #Fediverse you can block the domain but I'm afraid there is little that can be done to thwart them beyond that.

Seems like the famous Byuu/Near who developed bsnes/higan (the best SNES emulators) has committed suicide. Very sad. #linux #linuxgaming #emulation #supernes #nintendo #byuu #near

QT marcan42: A message about Near from a mutual friend.…

Today is the anniversary of the Nazi book burnings, when the entire research library at Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexology was publicly burned. Almost all scientific research into trans lives went kaput. People who think we appeared yesterday: there’s a reason you think that.

I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

-, genitalia mention as idiom, -youtube 

I'm so tired of this growing EdgyTube™ cult of content creators who get called out for something relatively minor and instead of just apologizing they decide that they're Against Cancel Culture now
like, can you all stop metaphorically sucking each others' dicks for five fucking seconds and just say sorry and join us back in the land of people who care about other peoples' feelings

Duante Wright was shot by *mistake*? By a cop who couldn't tell a gun from a taser?


That's what Governor Walz should be saying right now.

transphobia, sui, 

it's also unfortunately one reason it's so easy for TERFs and transphobes to run around saying "x% of trans people kill themselves because they're evil!" - in their day to day lives, they'll only see like one trans person older than 25, and they'll assume that this anecdotal evidence backs up their hate, because all the rest of us killed ourselves and the only reason that one person didn't is that they're "too oblivious to feel self-loathing when they're embarrassing!!" or some shit.
In actuality, we all went stealth because people like you exist, transphobe, and it's not fucking safe to be openly trans. And the one person you think is "oblivious" is just *really fucking strong* and manages to carry on in a world with sickos like you in it without hiding. Or has no choice.
We do all of this to *avoid* being part of the fucking High Score you're trying to grow, you fucking murderers.

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